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The outdoor sauna as a concept of the private sauna

For hundreds of years, taking a sauna has been one of the most popular and successful methods for wellness, health maintenance and relaxation. Originating from Northern Europe, the sauna has long since become firmly established in Central and Western Europe and is also moving into more and more households as an outdoor sauna. Especially in the cold season, but also in summer, the private sauna is becoming more and more popular. But what if there is not enough space for the home sauna within your own four walls? Then the sauna can easily be set up in the garden.


Outdoor sauna - sweating close to nature

The outdoor sauna combines the possibilities of taking a sauna in a private environment with the natural conditions in the garden. In addition to this obvious advantage, thanks to the outdoor sauna no room in the house is blocked, difficulties in the air conditioning of the rooms are eliminated and the outdoor area garden around the outdoor sauna offers the most natural cooling and relaxation room of all. In this way the sauna is not only brought back close to the original, but also inspires with the possibilities of using free space in the garden.


Possibilities of the outdoor sauna

The outdoor sauna as such can be built as a pure sweat room, but also as a garden sauna with an anteroom. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages, but are always the good alternative to the sauna in the house. Even commercial sauna providers set up sauna areas outdoors and thus expand the possibilities for healthy sweating. The outdoor sauna becomes especially practical when a shower can also be installed thanks to an existing water connection. An even more attractive feature is the connection to the pool, which can then also be used as a cooling pool.


The outdoor sauna offers more independence

Thanks to the free positioning in the garden, the garden sauna can be used with Electric sauna heater as well as with Woodburning sauna oven can be operated. While a suitable exhaust system is always required in the house, for example for the wood stove, this problem can be solved much more easily with the appropriate outdoor sauna. In most cases, the electric sauna should also be very easy to install. All that remains to be done here is to connect the necessary power supply. In addition to these purely technical variables, the outdoor sauna also offers a plus of independence in other respects. While the indoor sauna always requires certain spatial conditions, the outdoor sauna is only dependent on a piece of free space. In addition, the wellness and recreational value of the sauna visitor is increased thanks to the direct connection to a piece of nature in the garden, which already offers a high recreational value.


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