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Barrel sauna - individuality combined with high functionality

The barrel sauna is the special form of the garden sauna and offers a high degree of functionality in addition to its typical shape. Especially the unusual shape in the design of a barrel makes the sauna barrel an individual highlight in the garden or on other plots of land. The shape of the barrel sauna also offers the best conditions for a high degree of functionality and makes healthy sweating an extraordinary pleasure.


Build the sauna barrel yourself or buy it as a kit

Ambitious do-it-yourselfers with a good feeling for wood and form can build their own barrel sauna with suitable materials. However, this requires not only a lot of time, but above all an understanding of the material wood and its special form. It is therefore easier to order the sauna barrel in ready-to-assemble prefabricated form. It is not uncommon for the barrel sauna to be purchased complete, whereby the question of transport must always be clarified. As a rule, it will be easier to order the sauna barrel as a kit and then set it up on the property.


Advantageous functionality

The functionality of the sauna barrel is remarkable. Due to the round shape on the inside as well, the Sauna heater generated heat circulate excellently and cold corners and angles are practically impossible. In the external form, complicated roof constructions are not necessary, as the round roof can also be covered relatively easily and protected from the weather. Inside, sauna benches can be installed on both sides, so that the use of space is also advantageous. For heating, both electric sauna heaters and a Woodburning sauna oven can be used. In the overall view, the sauna barrel is a thoroughly attractive form of garden sauna, not only in terms of form, but also in terms of functionality.


Individuality with special demands

Once the sauna barrel is set up, it has an excellent optical appearance. The typical barrel shape fits particularly well into gardens designed close to nature and offers a suitable design option, especially in rural areas. It is not uncommon for the appearance alone to make a sauna barrel something special, inviting you to sweat in the garden again and again for the benefit of your health. Different sizes, designs and equipment make many individual requirements realisable.

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