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Sauna headrest ergonomic

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Sauna headrest ergonomic

Sauna headrest ergonomic

Why is an ergonomic sauna headrest important?

The sauna is a place of relaxation and regeneration that offers us a valuable retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In order to take full advantage of this benefit, it is of great importance to maintain an appropriate and comfortable posture during the sauna session. Especially during longer sauna sessions, an awkward or uncomfortable position can easily lead to tension, especially in the neck and back area.

This is where the ergonomic sauna headrest comes into play. It is specially designed to support the neck and head area, reducing pressure on the muscles and promoting a natural posture. A well-designed headrest adapts to the contour of the back of the head, supporting the natural curve of the spine and thus ensuring a relaxed lying or sitting posture.

What should an ergonomic sauna headrest be like?

An ergonomic sauna wood headrest that is customised to the shape of the head will indeed provide a high level of comfort and contribute to a pleasant sauna experience. Wood and plastic are popular materials for headrests as they are robust, hygienic and easy to clean. Here are some other important features of a good sauna headrest:

  1. Individual fit: an ergonomic headrest should be designed to fit the individual shape and size of the head. This ensures optimal support and comfort during the sauna session.

  2. Material quality: Wood or plastic are ideal for sauna headrests because they are hygienic, easy to clean and robust. Wood types such as alder wood or abachi wood are popular because they are heat-resistant and moisture-resistant.

  3. Pleasant surface: The surface of the ergonomic headrest sauna should be pleasant and smooth to ensure a comfortable feeling on the skin. If necessary, the headrest should have a cushion or soft coating to provide additional comfort.

  4. Slip resistance: A good sauna headrest should have non-slip properties to prevent slipping during sauna. This ensures that the headrest rests firmly on the sauna bench and provides the desired support.

  5. Hygiene: It is important that the sauna headrest is easy to clean to ensure a hygienic environment. Materials such as wood or plastic are usually easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Description of the headrest:

A little futuristic in design and ergonomically shaped all around, this sauna headrest made of natural wood offers more comfort in the sauna. The aspen wood material, which is soft to the touch, does not splinter, is absolutely smooth on the surface and has a heat-absorbing effect. With its gently rounded shapes and ergonomic design, this sauna headrest is a good companion for relaxed sauna bathing. Thanks to the material properties and the special shape, this headrest is suitable for every sauna visitor. The uncomplicated handling and the natural appearance support the feeling of well-being in the sauna. The high-quality workmanship of this wooden headrest for the sauna offers a long service life with robust and easy-care properties. We recommend one headrest per sauna bench or regular user.

The wooden headrest is mounted on pedestals, with 4 wooden shells that can be turned separately and thus adapt to the head, shoulders and head remain free. The head rests in a hollow, allowing the neck muscles to fully relax. The rounded edges offer extra comfort and safety, the flat underside gives it additional stability.

Details Sauna headrest wood:

  • Dimensions: approx. 23 x 18 x 6.5 cm
  • comfortable and robust
  • ergonomic
  • ideal lying comfort for optimal relaxation
  • natural


An ergonomic sauna headrest is an important accessory for a healthy and pleasant sauna experience. It relieves the neck muscles and promotes relaxation during the sauna session. When buying a sauna headrest, you should make sure that it is well adapted to the individual shape of the head, is made of a robust and easy-to-clean material and rests non-slip on the sauna bench. With a good sauna headrest, you can enjoy the sauna experience to the fullest and do something for your health at the same time.

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