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Heating rod suitable for Eos sauna heater 2500 Watt

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Heating rod suitable for Eos sauna heater 2500 Watt

Replacement heating rod, suitable for Eos sauna heater 2500 Watt

Here you will find the right heating rod with 2500 Watt power for your Eos sauna heater. In an Eos sauna heater with a total output of 7.5 kW or rounded up to 8 kW, a total of 3 powerful heating elements are installed. Each of them contributes one third of the total power and works in perfect harmony with the others to ensure even and constant heat generation in the sauna.

This sauna heating rod with 2500 Watt power fits numerous Eos sauna heaters:

  • 34.A
  • Domo 7.5 kW
  • Euro
  • P1
  • 45.GS
  • 43.FN from year of construction 1995
  • 43.GS from year of manufacture 1995
  • 38.AS
  • Bi-O-Mat W
  • Bi-O-Mat S
  • Bi-O-Tec
  • Thermat W
  • Prism
  • Filius
  • Gracil

Suitable e.g. for the following Eos sauna heater models:

  • Art. No. 90 9623 02
  • Art. No. 94 2346 00

Details tubular radiator:

  • high quality workmanship
  • tested quality
  • free of scaling
  • stainless
  • 3 heating rods are installed in each sauna heater

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x compatible sauna heating rod for Eos sauna heater, power 2500 Watt
  • Mounting material (screws, seals, snap ring)

The naming of the manufacturer's brand serves only as an indication of the intended purpose of the goods, in particular as accessories or spare parts. This is not an original product of the manufacturer or brand owner.

How can I tell if a sauna heating rod is defective?

Please remove some of the sauna stones from the sauna heater until the heating rods are visible. Then switch on the sauna heater for approx. 5 minutes via your sauna control unit. Does the control unit switch all 3 phases through to the heater? If not, the control unit is defective. If the sauna control unit is OK and 1 or more 2500 watt heating elements do not glow, then exactly these sauna heating coils are defective and must be replaced.

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Heating rod suitable for Eos sauna heater 2500 Watt

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