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Heating rod suitable for Sepc 65 Helo Knüllwald sauna heater - 2670 Watt

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Please check the type plate on the back of the sauna heater to ensure that you are ordering the correct heating element. You can also send us 1 photo of the type plate by email to send us.

Heating rod suitable for Sepc 65 Helo Knüllwald sauna heater - 2670 Watt

Compatible heating rod suitable for Sepc 65 for Helo Knüllwald Saunatec sauna heater - 2670 Watt

Suitable for the following Helo Knüllwald sauna heaters:

  • Apollo 8 kW (type plate 1712-80-0420)
  • Apollo 9 kW (type plate 1712-90-0420, 1 heating element installed)
  • Cup 8 kW (type plate 1712-80-04)
  • Cup 9 kW (nameplate 1712-90-04, 1 heating element installed)
  • Comfort
  • Fusion (nameplate 1117-80-0405)
  • Ring Wall (nameplate 1716-80-04)
  • Standard
  • HNVR
  • Fonda
  • HMR 80
  • HMR 90 (1 heating element installed)
  • Klimavita 8 kW (type plate 1720-80-1204)
  • Steamy III 8 kW (type plate 1712-80-120420)
  • Steamy III 9 kW (type plate 1712-90-120420 (1 heating element installed)
  • SKSM 80
  • Vienna STS
  • Roxx
  • Taika

The service life of a sauna heating rod will be considerably prolonged if the Olivin Diabas stones are rearranged from time to time so that good air circulation can take place at the heating coils. Sauna stones lose their storage effect through use. In addition, particles are blown off by the sauna showers. Therefore, it is recommended to change the sauna stones regularly. Your sauna heating rods will thank you for this with a much longer service life.

Scope of delivery:

1 x compatible sauna heating rod for Helo Knüllwald sauna heater, power 2 670 watts

The naming of the manufacturer's brand serves only as an indication of the intended purpose of the goods, in particular as accessories or spare parts. This is not an original product of the manufacturer or brand owner.

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Heating rod suitable for Sepc 65 Helo Knüllwald sauna heater - 2670 Watt

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