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A combination sauna heater has an additional water tank in contrast to a "Finnish" sauna heater. In this water tank, the water is brought to a boil while the temperature of the sauna heater is lower. This makes the sauna session more pleasant. The temperature in a bio-sauna is typically between 45 and 60 degrees Celsius and the humidity between 40 and 60 percent.

Yes, this is possible. However, you will need a new control unit for additional humidity control and a 7-core cable from the sauna control unit to the heater to operate the evaporator in the combi sauna heater.

The bio sauna heater, also called a combination sauna heater, has an additional water tank.

This type of sauna heater has an additional water tank. It combines 2 different types of sauna in one. The customer can operate the sauna at high temperatures (as a conventional variant, the so-called "Finnish sauna heater") or at lower temperatures, but then with more humidity generated by the boiling water in the tank. A combination sauna heater is commonly referred to as a "bio-sauna heater".

The combination sauna heater

A modern combination sauna heater combines sauna heating with an attractive design and the possibilities for sauna bathing with steam and fragrant essential oils. This means that a combination sauna heater from our range offers comfortable options for both steam saunas and relaxed saunas with steam. The simple and safe set-up and installation of the combi heater meet here with the uncomplicated operation with remote control and with a shapely housing design.

Sauna as you wish

Because of the combination of sauna heater with electric heating with heat-resistant and long-lasting sauna stones and a separate water tank, a combination sauna heater is suitable for healthy sauna bathing with or without sauna infusion . In this way, different forms of healthy sweating can be realised as desired with a Sauna control unit sauna heater. The efficient operation of electric sauna heaters is guaranteed by their special design. A modern combination sauna heater provides rapid heating of the sweat room and can be set safely and conveniently to the desired sauna temperature.

The advantages for healthy sauna enjoyment with the sauna heater:

  • space-saving design
  • safe installation and electrical installation
  • simple operation
  • special construction made of rustproof materials
  • different performance parameters
  • modern appearance
  • variable use with or without sauna infusion

Combi heater - quick to set up, safe to operate

The combi sauna heater can be ordered in different specifications according to the size of the sweat room. Installation is simple and safe. A qualified person must be commissioned for the electrical connection. The convenient setting options and the orientation towards dry sauna and steam sauna enable uncomplicated and comfortable operation for many variants of sauna bathing. With a combination sauna heater, the right heat for circulation-friendly sauna bathing comes into the sauna as desired.

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