Sauna stones and high-quality accessories for sauna heaters

The sauna heater is the heart of every sauna. That is why you should also attach importance to the highest quality when choosing your sauna heater accessories. Do you need new sauna stones for your heater? Are you looking for an attractive heater cover or a rain hood for your sauna chimney? You will find the right part for your needs in our range of high-quality sauna heater accessories.

With the appropriate sauna heater accessories you can design your sauna according to your wishes and make it safer. This is especially important with a wood-burning stove. In our assortment you will find:

  • Flue pipes and chimney extensions
  • Sauna chimney
  • Angled pipes for connection to the chimney
  • Stove protection jacket
  • Rain hoods for the Harvia woodburning stove extractor
  • Furnace grates
  • Water tank
  • Sauna stones

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Accessories for your Harvia woodburning stove

Especially with woodburning stoves, high accessory quality is a top priority. For a safe and trouble-free operation of your sauna heater with wood, you should therefore rely on articles from our assortment, because we can offer professional competence and the highest quality standards.

Commercially available stove pipes for wood-burning stoves are not approved for flue gas temperatures of more than 400°C, as they occur in the sauna. In our online shop we therefore offer you high-quality stovepipes (flue pipe systems) for your woodburning sauna heater. You can be sure that all the accessories sold in our shop, such as the Harvia chimney or woodburning stove flue pipes, can withstand high temperature fluctuations.

Stovepipes for Finnish sauna heaters usually have a diameter of 115 mm. In case you need an enlargement to connect your stovepipe, we therefore also have a stovepipe adapter for enlarging the inner diameter from 115 mm to the German standard of 120 mm. We would be pleased to advise you personally on this complex topic.

Buy sauna stones in our Online Shop

One elementary component for the correct heating of your sauna are high-quality sauna stones. The olivine diabase stones sold in our online shop for sauna accessories are particularly heat-resistant and have an excellent heat storage capacity. In order to remove dirt that could reduce the performance of your sauna heater, the sauna stones should be cleaned before use. Our heater stones can withstand large temperature fluctuations. However, over time, cracks may appear and the stones may even break. Fragments are a danger to the sauna heating rod on the one hand, and old, cracked stones have a lower heat storage capacity on the other. For these reasons, your stones for the sauna heater should be replaced regularly. When you replace your sauna stones, you can rely on the usual quality of and enjoy gentle relaxation.

Sauna heater accessories from - Your advantages at a glance:

The elements of a sauna heater are regularly exposed to extreme loads. We attach great importance to consistently high quality when it comes to accessories for sauna heaters and are happy to provide you with advice, support and high-quality products. At we offer you top-quality accessories for your Harvia woodburning stove. Whether you are looking for a Harvia chimney, sauna stones, a protective casing for Harvia woodburning stoves or smoke, you are sure to find what you need. Dive into our wide range of products and benefit from our extensive expertise, as many customers have done before you:

  • Many years of experience as sauna experts
  • competent and comprehensive advice
  • different payment options, just choose one
  • useful tips and tricks for installation, adjustment and use of your new sauna heater
  • large number of spare parts always in stock
  • fast shipping
  • free delivery already from a goods value of 95,- €

Sauna heater accessories from are characterized by high load capacity and reliability. Have a look at our range of products Sauna accessories to arrange your oasis of well-being freely according to your wishes.

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