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In principle, yes, but the stones should have a size of 10 - 15 cm.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The wood-burning sauna heater must comply with the legal regulations (BimSCH Ordinance).

The chimney and wood-burning sauna stove must be approved by the chimney sweep if it is newly installed, structurally altered or renovated. (§24 Chimney Sweep Trade Act).

An electrically operated sauna heater is not considered a fireplace, but a wood-fired sauna heater is. This means that a wood-fired sauna heater requires a permit. Please contact the responsible district chimney sweep.

Woodburning stove for sauna

Heating a sauna stove with wood - the highlight in your sauna. The sauna cabin is a beautiful place by nature, but only when the warmth rises from the sauna stove does it become a real wellness oasis. When a wood-burning sauna heater, e.g. from Harvia, crackles away merrily and the sauna stones get hot, the sauna comes to life and radiates a cosy warmth that promises total relaxation for the sauna-goer. In this place of well-being, people find themselves again and give their own health an incentive to regenerate. Especially when Father Frost wanders through the streets of the city, owners of a Sauna cabin owners of a wood-burning sauna look forward to the cosy warmth that a wood-burning sauna stove conjures up.

Tradition and visual pleasures join hands with wood-burning stoves

While the wood-burning sauna heater for the sauna has long been superseded by electric heaters, a wood-burning sauna heater is now once again considered a real insider tip among sauna enthusiasts. After all, this type of sauna heater provides the natural warmth of the fired wood, just as the inventors of the Finnish sauna thought. In the early days of the sauna cult, the sauna cabins were heated with open fireplaces, which unfortunately also brought a lot of smoke into the cabin. Resourceful sauna enthusiasts therefore soon came up with the first wood-burning sauna stove, which was probably made of cast iron and could discharge the smoke to the outside. A modern wood-burning sauna heater is a visual highlight simply because of its external appearance as a heating source. In most cases, a Harvia woodburning sauna heater has a glass door so that the sauna enthusiast can enjoy not only the crackling of the wood but also the flickering of the flames. And what is more relaxing than gazing into the sparkling embers and dreaming of a campfire under the southern stars.

Sustainability and functionality for environmentally conscious sauna lovers - the wood-burning sauna heater

As nice as a clean Electric sauna heater with Sauna control unit as it may be, it consumes a lot of energy. In times of rising electricity costs, this is an extreme disadvantage compared to a wood-burning sauna heater. In contrast to an electric sauna heater, a sauna heater that uses wood as fuel offers great advantages simply because it is a natural fuel. Not only do you save electricity and thus do something good for your wallet, but you also make a contribution to environmental protection with the sauna heater. After all, wood is a renewable resource, so the wood-burning stove stands for sustainability. In addition, a Harvia wood-burning sauna heater provides a very special warmth that goes deep under the skin and is a guarantee for healthy sweating. Add to this an infusion of aromatic fragrances on the hot stones of a wood-burning stove, and the sauna enthusiast is rewarded with a particularly atmospheric and cosy sauna experience. The vitalising freshness of the water and the gentle crackling of the wood fire harmonise perfectly.

A special kind of well-being

Although electric sauna heaters are cleaner to use than wood-burning sauna heaters, they cannot really compete in terms of comfort. A wood-burning sauna heater simply produces a completely different feeling of warmth. The atmosphere created by the crackling of the wood simply cannot be provided by an electrically operated sauna heater. The sauna heater gets the sauna going and achieves a climate of up to 100 degrees Celsius in the sauna cabin. With a humidity of about 10 percent, the sauna enthusiast easily starts to sweat. Preparing for a soothing sauna bath, however, is a little more difficult for the sauna owner with a wood-burning sauna heater than with an electric model. A wood-burning sauna heater is a little hungry and constantly expects to be fed with new fuel. But the sauna-goer is compensated for the extra work with an unmistakable ambience.

Optionally available accessories:

  • Adapter piece from 115 to 120 mm
  • Protective plate
  • Protective jacket
  • Hot water tank for chimney model (capacity 22 litres)

Sweating like in front of an open fireplace

However, a wood-burning sauna heater needs a suitable place in the sauna cabin. After all, it needs its freedom and must be open. This makes it rather unsuitable as a back-bench heater. And that's a good thing, because after all, a wood-burning sauna heater is supposed to give the sauna cabin that certain something with its great look. Moreover, taking a sauna is simply more fun when you have a clear view of the flickering flames of the fire behind the glass door. The sauna-goer should also make sure that the sauna heater has sufficient power. The larger the sauna cabin, the longer it takes to achieve the right room climate for the first sauna session. An appropriately powerful wood-burning sauna heater shortens the waiting time for all impatient sauna-goers. Once the crackling flames have flickered and the pleasant sauna temperature has been reached, many sauna enthusiasts like to secure a place near the sauna stove so that they can really enjoy the pleasant background noise of the crackling fire. This brings back memories of many a cosy evening in front of the open fireplace and makes you dream. In this way, not only the body can relax optimally, but also the soul finds its inner peace again.

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