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Book Guide to safe sauna infusions

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Book Guide to safe sauna infusions

Book Guide to safe sauna infusions

This book was written by the experienced sauna master for the sauna-goer. It gives valuable tips on the subject of sauna infusions. How do I make the sauna infusion correctly? What do I have to consider?


  • Paperback
  • equally suitable for sauna users and qualified personnel


  • Need for the guide
  • Requirements for the sauna infusions
  • Safety with the sauna infusions
  • Typical incidents
  • Seminar programmes (sauna master, sauna specialist, sauna specialist)

The author Dr. Karsten Gröning (expert for sauna systems) has been involved in the training of more than 1 800 sauna masters, sauna specialists and sauna experts over the last 15 years and has held numerous seminars in this field.

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Book Guide to safe sauna infusions

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