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Heating rod for Zsk 710 Harvia - Sentiotec sauna heater

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Heating rod for Zsk 710 Harvia - Sentiotec sauna heater

Compatible heating rod for Zsk 710 Harvia and Sentiotec sauna heater 2670 Watt

Suitable for the following sauna heater models:

  • Kip 80 / Kip 80 E
  • Topclass KV 80 / KV80E
  • Termonator M80 / M80E
  • Sound M80 / M80E
  • Classic Electro CS 80
  • Moderna V80E
  • Topclass Combi KV80SE / KV80SEA
  • Sähkäri
  • Bearing spar
  • Hanko Finland (e.g. FLH80)
  • Sentiotec ST180400B, ST180400BE, ST280400BE


  • tested quality
  • highly processed
  • long life span
  • rust- and scaling-free
  • easy fitting

In order to prevent damage to the sauna heating elements, the sauna stones should be replaced every 2 years in private areas, as the stones become porous over time and decay. Then there can no longer be sufficient air circulation at the heating coils. The stones should lie loosely between the heating elements.

Scope of delivery:

1 x compatible sauna heating rod for Harvia - Sentiotec ZSK 710 sauna heater, output 2 670 watts

The mention of the manufacturer's trade mark serves only as an indication of the intended purpose of the goods, in particular as accessories or spare parts. This is not an original product of the manufacturer or trademark owner

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Heating rod for Zsk 710 Harvia - Sentiotec sauna heater

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2 heat-resistant silicone seals and 1 fixing screw.

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