Combination infrared cabin and sauna

While the heat in the sauna cabin acts on the body by heating the air from the outside, the infrared rays heat the body directly and thus create an inner warmth. Originally, infrared radiation found its home in medical-therapeutic applications, but very quickly the wellness industry also recognized its advantages.

Infrared systems generate the same radiant heat as is found in the natural sunrays. The pleasant infrared rays penetrate directly into the skin and warm the body from the inside out. Since the body absorbs most of the heat, the room temperature in an infrared sauna increases only minimally. The room climate is therefore also only a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius. This makes the infrared sauna much gentler on the cardiovascular system than the classic sauna with its high room temperatures. Accordingly, the stay in an infrared cabin can be extended longer and a single course is usually sufficient for optimal health care.

Sauna lovers love variety - infrared sauna combinations make it possible

Many sauna lovers would like to be able to practice different types of sauna in their sauna cabin. The manufacturers have naturally adapted to this and now offer combinations that allow both traditional saunaing and the enjoyment of the deep warmth of an infrared cabin. In such sauna combinations, the sauna cabin is equipped with an electric sauna oven as well as large infrared heating plates. Of course, older generation sauna cabins can also be retrofitted. A central sauna control unit can now be used to regulate which type of sauna is currently popular. The control unit takes over the settings for the sauna oven, the lighting system and the infrared heating plates. This means that the sauna-goer can easily choose which type of sauna fits into his or her daily routine and well-being plan. Above all, the sauna-infrared combination is particularly suitable for those who decide to take a sauna for a short time, because if there is no time for a long time to heat up the sauna cabin, then you simply use infrared rapid heating.

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