Is the infrared sauna an alternative to the sauna?

The infrared sauna is the good alternative to the classic sauna cabin. In the infrared cabin, the room temperatures are significantly lower, the heat of the infrared radiators is absorbed directly by the body and favours healthy sweating from the inside out, so to speak, through the effect of the deep heat.

About the effect of infrared rays

We encounter infrared radiation almost daily. The heat radiation comes from the sun as well as from an open fire, from a tiled stove or from a radiant heater in the bathroom. Red light, for example, is also widely known as a special technical implementation of infrared radiation. We know from red light that it generates a pleasant inner warmth that does not directly show itself as overheating on the upper layers of the skin. Infrared rays penetrate into the blood vessels under the skin and thus transport the pleasant warmth through the whole body. A prerequisite for the full effect of infrared rays is that the infrared radiator used covers all areas from infrared A to infrared C. Only in this way can the full beneficial effect be achieved.

Infrared sauna and health

The targeted application of infrared radiation, for example in the infrared sauna, has a positive effect on physical and mental well-being. The effect of the deep warmth creates a pleasant relaxation, which has a positive effect on both health and mental balance. The inner warmth also produces a light sweating, which is also good for skin health and for strengthening the immune system.

Even without the hot and very humid air in the classic sauna, the infrared sauna offers comparably good effects and is therefore particularly suitable for people who cannot tolerate the hot sauna air or who like to use the infrared sauna as a warm cabin on cold and cool days. Many users also appreciate the interplay of sauna and infrared cabin for all-round well-being.

Use of the infrared cabin

In principle, the infrared sauna can be used by people of any age group, as long as they are essentially healthy. If you are ill, you are welcome to ask your family doctor about the possibilities of using the infrared sauna.

Small children should not stay alone in the infrared sauna and should always be supervised and looked after by adults. Make sure that the little ones are nice and warm but do not overheat. If the children's forehead feels feverishly hot, they should leave the infrared cabin.

The infrared sauna can be used daily or only occasionally. Recommended are stays of up to 30 minutes at a room temperature of 32 to 36 degrees Celsius. The infrared cabin is especially popular on cold winter days, but also on cooler summer days. There are basically no restrictions here.

Before using the infrared cabin, about half a litre of liquid should be taken in. This supports sweating from the inside out. After the infrared session, half a litre can also be drunk again, supplemented by some fruit or preparations with calcium and magnesium.

Offer the infrared radiation as much uncovered skin area as possible. After leaving the infrared cabin, wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe or a large sauna towel and relax. This is how infrared radiation ultimately works best for your health and mental well-being.

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