Drinking during sauna

Those who sweat a lot should drink a lot! One would think so. What generally applies especially on hot summer days has no value in the sauna. And so there are discussions all over the country about what the right drinking behaviour in the sauna should look like. It is certain that sweating in the sauna leads to a loss of fluid in the body, but due to the high humidity this does not contribute to a feeling of thirst, similar to hot and dry summer days.

When should I drink while taking a sauna?

The answer is quite simple. You should not drink at all during a sauna session. It is advisable to drink some mineral water before your first sauna session. But again, less is more. You should not drink properly until after the last sauna session, then please drink isotonic drinks or water with plenty of minerals, if possible, in order to compensate for the loss of salts with your drinking.

The reason follows on the foot

The effects of purification in the sauna cabin can only take place undisturbed if no additional fluid is supplied to the body during the entire sauna visit. The cells must be given the opportunity to rinse out cell toxins with the available enclosed water. This only works if no additional fluid is supplied. Since sweating also rinses out the necessary minerals, this loss of salts and trace elements can be compensated for after the sauna by drinking plenty of diluted fruit juices or, even better, isotonic drinks.

Please note that a sauna visit usually includes up to three sauna sessions. This means that you should not drink after each, but only after the last sauna session. Speak when you are already dressed again, but preferably before you go home.

How much should I drink?

Recommended is about one liter of good mineral water or isotonic drinks. However, you should not flush this amount down in one go, but slowly return it to the body in rather small sips. Do not drink too cold. Cold drinks strain the circulation after the sauna. Drinks at room temperature are recommended, alternatively hot teas. However, hot teas are not exactly suitable for gradually re-balancing the body temperature after the sauna. So you should prefer water, isotonic drinks or diluted fruit juices. All alcoholic drinks are taboo.

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