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The sauna expert of delivers selected articles by express. The company has introduced this special service because it involves accessories and technical equipment such as heating elements that a sauna cannot do without for an hour. Commercial operators of sauna heaters in fitness studios, hotels and wellness baths in particular benefit greatly from this service. Their saunas have to work again immediately. Fortunately, sauna infusions and controls as well as other accessories are also available by express delivery.

The following parts of the products from the shop are covered by express deliveries:

Sauna heating rods

With a few exceptions, heating elements are available by express delivery. The heating rod is one of the central elements of the sauna, the sauna expert offers it for commercial sauna heaters and also for home saunas. In the sauna cabin, the sauna heating rod provides the necessary temperature within a certain time, it must function reliably. Due to the extreme temperature changes, it is heavily loaded and is therefore a wearing part that nobody knows when it will fail. Therefore, the replacement must be available as quickly as possible. Express delivery is therefore extremely important for commercial saunas. It would be possible to keep spare heating elements in stock, but in larger wellness areas this is a certain effort and causes costs.

You can find a replacement heater rod here.

Sauna accessories

Among other things, the following are considered indispensable in a saunaSauna accessories:

  • Sauna thermometer
  • Hygrometer, because in the sauna the correct air humidity is decisive in addition to the temperature
  • Sauna infusion concentrates
  • high-quality, wooden infusion buckets
  • Wooden infusion ladle
  • Sets for infusions
  • Sauna fragrances with natural aromas (including mountain pine, eucalyptus, spruce needle, lemon, tropical fruit, orange, papaya, balm, fennel, sage)
  • Sand timers for the sauna

Sauna accessories wear out and also wear out. Sometimes sauna lovers also want a new, technically more modern and/or chicly designed accessory. In such cases they can rely on an express delivery from the sauna expert.

Sauna control

A sauna control unit ensures that the correct temperature and humidity are reached and maintained in the background. In home saunas, users can compile their own wellness program with a sauna control unit: A programmable sauna control unit has a timer that allows the heater to start up at a specific time - for example, when the owner of a home sauna gets into the car outside the office and makes his way home. Private users thus enjoy much greater comfort with the sauna control unit, while commercially operated saunas practically cannot do without this control unit.

Since this device contains a lot of electronics, it can also fail at times - in which case replacement is urgently and quickly required. This is ensured by the express delivery of the sauna expert. The control units offered by the sauna experts are extremely reliable and of the best quality. Nevertheless, they are inexpensive and are delivered to the customer by express. Recommended sauna control units come from the following manufacturers:

  • Sentiotec
  • Harvia

This selection of customers has already used express shipping shortly after its introduction:

  • Hotel, Ella. K. Shipping to 7350 Oberpullendorf Austria, delivery on the next working day, parcel service
  • Tobias F. Shipping to 6600 Reutte Austria, delivery on the next working day, parcel service
  • Hans B, shipping to 78337 Öhningen, delivery on the next working day, parcel service
  • Volker S. Dispatch to 74653 Künzelsau Germany, freight forwarding

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Article No.: 5763
The compatible heater Zsl 316 is suitable for Harvia Club K12, L30 and Sia CR80S sauna heater and has an output of 2 670 watts.
Delivery time
1 - 3 Days *
Free shipping (DE)
from 95,00 € goods value
Prices & shipping details
Instead of 41,95 € (40,52% saved)
Price 24,95 €
incl. 19 % VAT plus shipping
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Article No.: 240
Sauna infusion Sauna fragrance Lavender 1 liter. Contains natural essential oils.
Delivery time
1 - 2 Days *
Free shipping (DE)
from 95,00 € goods value
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Price 12,75 €
incl. 19 % VAT plus shipping
Content 1 litres (12,75 € per litres)

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