Germs in the sauna landscape

You are never alone in the sauna. This may sound strange at first, but it mainly refers to the presence of germs and bacteria in the sauna area. Basically it must be said that a germ and bacteria free sauna will never be achieved and should not be the goal of your efforts in cleaning the sauna.

Germs in the sauna

Germs in the sauna cannot be avoided by the users or by the microclimate in the sauna itself. A distinction must be made between normal germ fogging and the accumulation of germs in the sauna area, which is a health hazard. Most germs are introduced into the sauna by the visitors. This happens especially through the formation of sweat. The often assumed danger of athlete's foot in the sauna is less severe. The temperatures in the sweat room itself are much too high for this. Rather, the wet areas outside the actual sweat room require more attention.

Restrict germination

A germ infestation in the sauna cannot be ruled out. With normal germ infestation there are no health risks, as long as it is not a question of transmissible germs, for example from fungal diseases. To make the sauna at least a low-germ room, normal cleaning work in a regular cycle and in any case after each use of the sauna is sufficient. Occasionally, special sauna disinfectants that are as free of chlorine as possible can be used. This can reduce the number of germs in the sauna to a low level.

Sauna climate and germs

The multiplication of germs is naturally accelerated in the warm and humid climate of the sauna. No extraordinary measures are required to counteract excessive germination. Ultimately, showering before and after a sauna session and a thorough cleaning of the sauna areas are completely sufficient for a low-germ environment in the sauna.

Accordingly, there is usually no reason to be excessively afraid of germs in the sauna, even if you are never really alone in the sauna.

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