How many sauna sessions should one take

Most sauna guests in Germany come to the sauna once a week. According to scientific findings, the effect of taking a sauna on the reaction of the blood vessels lasts for about a week, so this is quite enough to prevent colds, to harden the immune system and to relax.

Weekly rhythm against stress

Sauna lovers who restrict themselves to a weekly visit to the sauna cabin do not forego anything, because in addition to the physical defence against colds, the anti-stress training of sauna sessions lasts for over a week. The stimulation of the organs ensures that stress can be better managed even on sauna-free days.

Extension of the weekly visit

During the weekly sauna pleasure one should go through two to three sauna sessions. You should try to stay in the middle seat for at least 8 minutes per session. Because a shorter sweating time on the lower bench does not bring enough warmth to expand the vessels properly and let the subsequent cold stimulus become effective. The cold after the sauna is particularly important, because a warm shower would cause the vessels to contract properly again. Headaches as a side effect of such "warm showers" are therefore not uncommon.

Once is not enough?

There are many sauna-goers for whom once a week simply does not seem enough to feel completely comfortable. Some athletes swear by going to the sauna twice a week to support their condition and some sauna lovers even go to the sauna cabin every day. Some even go to the sauna four or five times a day. Since all these people show no signs of health problems, this clearly speaks for the harmlessness of taking a sauna. So even excessive saunaing does not cause any damage to health. However, sauna visitors who overdo it get tired quite quickly and sometimes even during the sauna bath. And still having a sauna does not produce better results. Therefore, in order to optimally promote your own health, it is recommended to plan one sauna visit per week and to complete this with three sauna sessions. But if you like it, you can also enjoy sweating every day.

Cheating the winter

Especially in the cold winter months, many sauna enthusiasts notice that a few more sauna visits will make them feel more comfortable. The body just longs for warmth when it is stormy and snowing outside. In this case, sauna lovers do not need to chasten themselves, but can give free rein to their wishes and needs without having to fear any damage to their health.

Sauna in case of illness

During an illness, it is important to discuss the sauna visit with your doctor, so that circulation problems do not occur. After an operation, taking a sauna may even be completely prohibited under certain circumstances.

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