Sauna requirements - The big list

Taking a sauna promotes our wellbeing and is an important part of our current lifestyle in terms of wellness and relaxation. This makes it all the more important that "everything fits" around the sauna: We need the right sauna accessories.

Have you ever had the experience that even small things can disturb the harmonious atmosphere before taking a sauna, but also during and after it? The ticking timer of a cheap electric sauna oven, the missing sauna fragrance or a towel that is too small - you are distracted and your thoughts revolve around such a shortcoming instead of letting yourself fall and float. This is how your sauna accessories optimally complement your sauna experience.

So that your body comes to rest in the sauna cabin

With regard to the sitting or lying position in the sauna cabin, everyone has their own feeling. Some people like to sit slightly bent over, others want to lean on the floor without wetting the sauna walls with their sweat. But many of them also enjoy the lying body position. It is important that for every wish the appropriate head or back supports (suitable for the sauna) are available in sufficient numbers in the sauna cabin. A special feature here are ergonomically shaped, freely adjustable backrests.

A sauna bucket with a wooden sauna ladle is an absolute must in the cabin. Metal buckets and spoons become unbearably hot and the infusion is hardly possible. Furthermore, only buckets and ladles made of wood convey the characteristic sauna feeling.
Indicator clocks for humidity and temperature ("hygrometer") must function reliably. Experienced sauna users in particular can immediately feel whether the display device is telling them something. The same applies to hourglasses. It distracts from taking a sauna if the hourglass stops and you do not know how long you have been in the sauna. This disturbs the enjoyment of the sauna immensely. Therefore, make sure you use quality products in the sauna cabin as well.

Relaxing atmosphere during the sauna, before and after

Have you ever had to prepare for your sauna session on a plastic stool? The time before that serves to get in the mood for sauna pleasure, and such a sterile, hard piece of furniture is completely unsuitable for this purpose. Even when undressing, a wooden stool will arouse your expectations and your joy for the time of relaxation and well-being. The same applies to a resting lounger for after a sauna session, which can be adjusted several times to suit your body contours.

Discreet music is almost a matter of course when taking a sauna. Built-in speakers or invisibly placed loudspeaker boxes are comfortable. But a laptop with separate stereo loudspeakers also serves its purpose. The choice of music is decisive. You should select this according to your own wishes, but also according to those of your fellow sauna-goers. So make sure you have a repertoire of different genres. CDs from Arnd Stein and other suppliers give you a wide choice.

So that the sauna does not become a slide

Wet soles of the feet after showering are a danger of slipping on the tiles. You can usually prevent this by using slippers. When you come out of the sauna, however, you have sweat under the soles of your feet. On a stone or tile floor your relaxing sauna session will be interrupted abruptly, because this floor feels extremely cold. Moreover, there is also a latent danger of slipping. Equip the floor in front of the sauna cabin, but also where you dry yourself after a shower, with wooden slatted gratings. These give you a natural, down-to-earth feeling and the danger of slipping is eliminated.

Does a sauna really not need any SchnickSchnack sauna accessories?

Sauna cabins are usually only equipped with what is expediently needed for a sauna session. With accessories you can set accents and create an aha effect. Soapstone is an excellent material for this purpose, which can withstand the high temperatures in the middle of the lava stones on your sauna stove. With an aroma bowl made of this material you can let fragrances rise without their aroma stones burning on the stones. A small soapstone fountain not only transports humidity, but also has a highly decorative effect. Soapstone figures in the middle of the lava stones round off the range of accessories.

Sauna fragrances and peelings make the sauna experience complete

Sauna fragrances and infusions are part of every sauna session. Here, too, the preferences of sauna visitors are quite different. However, the range of available fragrances and infusions is extensive. You should therefore equip your sauna equipment with a selection of these products. You will also achieve a pleasant surprise effect!

After your sauna session and during the shower you will pamper your skin by using sauna scrubs and creams. Round off your sauna experience with these care products.

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