Sauna rules - The most important rules for sauna use

Unlike many other things in life, there are hardly any exact guidelines for taking a sauna in your own home sauna. The only sauna rules that really matter are those that ensure that the sauna-goer feels completely comfortable. Of course, there are recommendations on how to achieve this state, and in public saunas there are certainly some sauna rules that are essential for perfect saunaing in social interaction.

Sauna beginners - always slow with the young horses

In principle, all sauna rules should pave the way to a healthy sauna for the sauna novice. The beneficial and positive effects of sauna bathing on the immune system are well known. A sauna bath can also alleviate many physical complaints associated with muscle tension. However, there are also some pre-existing conditions for which sauna bathing is simply forbidden. For this reason, sauna beginners should first have a doctor check up on their physical constitution to see whether taking a sauna is beneficial to their physical constitution. In addition, newcomers should always start slowly and not extend their sauna sessions for longer than their physical well-being allows. As a beginner, you should therefore not be ashamed to leave the sauna cabin earlier than recommended. After all, the most important sauna rules only apply to give the sauna-goer a clue. But he should always listen to his own feeling.

General Sauna Rules - these recommendations should be taken seriously

You can also print out the general sauna rules and attach them to the outside wall of your sauna.

General Sauna Rule No. 1: Since a sauna bath should be completely unhurried, sauna-goers must bring enough time with them.

After all, a complete sauna bath takes about two hours and the individual phases should not be "worked off" in a hurry, but rather enjoyed in a very comfortable way.

General Sauna Rule No. 2: Before the first sauna session a thorough cleaning of the body is necessary. An extensive shower and especially good drying prepare the skin for intensive sweating. In order to stimulate the sweating even more, a warm footbath is helpful before going into the sauna cabin.

General sauna rule no. 3: In the sauna, sauna-goers lie down on a towel that serves for hygiene. It is best to sweat on the middle or upper bench. For an intensive sauna experience, the stay should be between eight and fifteen minutes. However, newcomers can also leave the sauna after a shorter sweating period if their body signals discomfort. Experienced sauna-goers already know that it is important for a healthy sauna experience to rely completely on your own body feeling.

General Sauna Rule No. 4: The last two minutes of the sauna session should be spent sitting down, so that the circulation can prepare for getting up and get used to the upright position.

A serious mistake made by sauna beginners: The jump into the plunge pool

After the sweating many sauna friends make the mistake of plunging into the plunge pool immediately. It is better not to do this, but to cool down a little in the fresh air and supply the body with oxygen. Then you can start a cooling down with cold water. To do this, you should first go under the shower to rinse off the sweat from your body before jumping into a plunge pool or the pool. These cold water applications combined with a warm footbath after the cooling down phase intensively train the blood vessels which react to the temperature changes. This also improves the resistance of the body in general.

After the sauna session the resting phase begins

Now a resting phase is recommended to promote relaxation. For this purpose, sauna-goers should lie down in a well-tempered room and, above all, on a comfortable surface such as a sauna bench. Ten to fifteen minutes, during which body and mind can come to complete rest, should be planned for. And you should do so without major distractions and without the obligatory drink during this time, as otherwise the effect of purification will not occur.

Afterwards, the further sauna sessions can be carried out in the same rhythm. As a rule, the procedure is repeated three times to achieve the desired health goals. Since the sauna rules are not fixed, sauna enthusiasts can also take more sauna sessions.

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