Sauna session - how often is appropriate?

Going into the sauna is not only pleasant and invigorating, but also beneficial to your health. A prerequisite, however, is that a few basic rules are observed, especially with regard to the time between infusions. How does a proper sauna work? How many sauna sessions are good and what is too long? How long should the breaks between the individual infusions be? And what should be observed during the breaks?

Taking a sauna - how often and how long is it allowed?

A sauna session takes about 15 minutes. The highlight is the so-called infusion, where the hot stones of the sauna oven are doused with water, which often contains essential oils, so that a pleasant scent spreads.

Experienced sauna visitors can enjoy up to three infusions. For beginners, it is recommended to take part in a sauna infusion only once and not to sit at the very top, because the heat accumulates especially here. Even if you should not leave the sauna before the end of the infusion, health comes first. If you feel unwell, you should leave the sauna immediately. An infusion can, but does not have to last 15 minutes. For beginners, 8 to 12 minutes are also completely sufficient.

Proper pausing - as important as the infusion

Between the individual sauna sessions it is important to take breaks. Certain rules should also be observed during these breaks. Immediately after sweating, it is important that the body slowly cools down again. If possible, a short exercise in the fresh air is useful, which should last about 2 minutes. Simple walking is completely sufficient, no gymnastics, in order not to strain the circulation unnecessarily. Always take a shower after the sauna. A break should last about 30 to 45 minutes, but at least as long as the previous infusion.

Ice bath or not?

As a special prevention against colds, the ice bath or the cold water basin is used. The rapid and sudden cooling of the body is intended to stimulate the blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. As health-promoting as this introduction to the sauna break may be, it is not for delicate minds and has a very deterrent effect on some sauna guests. However, an ice bath is not a must. Those who do not like it so rough can take a cold shower. It is important to start at the bottom of the body, i.e. with the feet, and work your way up slowly. The upper body is at the very end. A warm, pleasant foot bath afterwards compensates for the shock of the cold shower and helps to regulate the body temperature again. The same applies here as for the infusions: Don't overdo it. Both the ice bath or the stay in the cold water pool or the cold shower only serve to cool you down for a short time and should therefore only be performed for a short time. It is important to dry off well afterwards.

Do not forget to drink

The body loses a lot of fluid through sweating. Therefore it is important to drink a lot after the sauna. Unsweetened drinks are suitable, but especially mineral water containing calcium and magnesium. But fruit teas and diluted fruit juices are also suitable for re-regulating the body's fluid balance. Drinks with a high sugar content such as fruit juices or soft drinks are completely unsuitable. Alcohol is also unsuitable and should be avoided completely when taking a sauna!

Rest and enjoy during the breaks

All sauna facilities have a relaxation room. This offers the possibility to lie down and relax after cooling off. Especially after an infusion, it is very pleasant to wrap yourself in a bathrobe and wait in the relaxation room slowly for your circulation to return to normal. Many people use this break to drink and to sleep a little, so it is inappropriate to have too loud conversations or phone calls in these rooms. Those who do not want to sleep should take a good book or music that can be heard softly through headphones.

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