To go with piercing into the sauna - is that possible?

Piercing is very popular as body jewelry and is worn by many people, men and women alike, in almost all age groups. From the nose piercing up to the genital piercing there are many variations. And also the classic earring belongs to this kind of body jewellery. But can one (or woman) with piercing also go to the sauna?

With piercings in the sauna it always depends on the material

A fundamental answer to this question cannot be given can be given. For this there are too many variants and variables, which the piercing itself and the carrying habits. However, it is advisable, above all Piercings made of metal to be removed before going into the sauna. This recommendation is especially based on the fact that piercings made of metal are very good thermal conductivity in the sweat room heat up very strongly and definitely can lead to burns. This is especially true for freely movable Piercings. Somewhat differently it behaves with very close to the skin Piercings made of metal. These take rather the body temperature than the Sauna air on. That is then less worrisome.

Completely uncomplicated however the wearing of Piercings in the sauna, if they are made of plastic. Plastics heat up less and therefore hardly cause any burns on the skin.

By the way, the materials of most piercings are insensitive to the sauna climate, so that material damages themselves are not to be expected.

Piercings in the sauna - The aesthetic aspect

What some people consider to be absolutely hip and beautiful, is a horror to others. This is always true for body jewellery. During when it comes to tattoos, there's little choice, but when it comes to piercings it is quite possible to take them off before taking a sauna. This should be especially useful for visit to a public sauna to avoid being responsible for unnecessary up to embarrassing topic of conversation. After all piercing is still... It's a matter of taste and you could, but you don't have to argue about it.

The way you hold it in your private sauna. left to their own devices. Think however straight with freely movable Piercings out metal to the fact that these can lead to painful burns.

What about fresh piercings in the sauna?

Fresh piercings show themselves especially at the puncture marks through the skin in the first days very sensitive to touches but also large temperature differences. Also that from the skin Sweated out salt can lead to sensitive reactions. Possible centres of inflammation fester even more in hot and humid climates and delay the healing process.

Basically it is to be assumed that a piercing per millimeter penetration depth takes about five days for complete healing. Because it is quite possible that even several weeks of healing time come together.

We recommend to go to the sauna with fresh piercings only then to leave when the healing process has completely subsided. Then you run no danger of developing painful inflammation or over-irritation of the having to deal with puncture wounds.

A quick recap:

  • In principle there is no mandatory Regulation to piercings in the sauna.
  • Depending on material and model you can with no hesitation, or not.
  • With fresh piercings should be possible on every kind sauna should be avoided until the healing process is complete and the has passed through.
  • It is recommendable to do piercings before sauna visit. This saves you discussions or embarrassing judgmental looks, even if that may always be in the eye of the beholder.
  • Freely movable piercings made of metal you should always lose weight to avoid burns on the skin.
  • Observe the basic rules of hygiene when Wearing piercings in the sauna. Thereby you should especially pay attention to a good Ensure disinfection of the materials.
  • Do not visit the sauna when there is piercings to wound healing disorders, pus or inflammatory processes.

It's also good to check the reactions of other sauna-goers to observe the piercings and act accordingly. So you can be sure that your body jewellery is not disturbing and that your sauna session is degenerating into a gauntlet.

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