Which wood is suitable for sauna construction?

Anyone who is considering building a sauna themselves is faced with important decisions. These decisions concern not only the construction method, but also the suitable wood. Whether element sauna or solid wood sauna, the wood always plays an important role.

Which woods are suitable for the sauna?

Nordic spruce, fir, hemlock or aspen are suitable for the sauna construction itself. Abachi is the preferred wood for interior design with benches. The density of the wood, which is created by the relatively slow growth, is the main argument in favour of Nordic spruce and fir. This also applies to the Hemlock wood. The spruce native to Germany is rather unsuitable. Despite its pleasant scent, this wood tends to resinify quite strongly and is less durable even when exposed to heat and high humidity. In contrast, the Nordic spruce, fir, hemlock and aspen are much less prone to warping, especially in log saunas, and show better heat storage properties.

The stronger the wood, the better

Besides the different types of wood, the strength of the wood also plays a role that should not be underestimated. Especially if the sauna is to be built as an element sauna, thicker boards for the interior panelling are always the better choice. Thicker woods can handle the high temperatures better and also release the heat more softly. A thin interior panelling looks quite hot due to the radiation of the vapour barrier behind it. With the log sauna this question does not arise.

Therefore, when building your sauna, you should prefer woods that are as strong as possible and come from Nordic regions. This creates good conditions for a pleasant climate in the sauna and for a long life.

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