Wood species in the sauna

Especially for self-builders the question of the right wood is interesting at the latest when the own home sauna is to be built. It goes without saying that the kits for the sauna available in the relevant trade are already equipped with the required wood. However, there are also big differences in quality, which are not only reflected in the price, but also in the selection and processing of the wood types.

Preferred woods for sauna construction

If you want to build your home sauna without a ready-to-assemble kit, you should choose the right woods. Here it is not only the visual appearance that matters, but above all the functional properties of the woods. After all, high temperatures in the sauna must be withstood just as unscathed as increased humidity. As a matter of principle, strong log planks (for the solid wood sauna) should be used instead of thin planks when building the sauna. This is not only a question of static stability but also of the distortion-free quality of the sweat cabin. Preferred woods for the construction of the sauna are the Nordic spruce, the European fir, the red cedar and high-quality hemlock wood of the hemlock fir. All three types of wood are well suited for the sauna because of their structure and natural properties. It is not only about the outer frame of the sauna, but also about doors, seats and benches, floor grates and panelling.

Nordic spruce

Due to the Finnish tradition of steam sauna, Nordic spruce is the best known and most commonly used wood species for sauna construction. The concise grain, the fragrant scent and the high stability of the slowly growing wood characterize the Nordic Spruce.

European fir

In contrast to European spruce, European fir is also very well suited for sauna construction. Here, too, a high material density and the pleasantly natural appearance characterise the quality for feeling good in the sauna.

Hemlock wood

The hemlock fir as a pine tree also offers a recommendable structure for building your own sauna. Here it is mainly the very light wood that brings a fresh atmosphere into the sauna. The soft wood is easy to work with and shines with its long-lasting properties.

Red cedar

The wood of the red cedar can also be used for sauna construction. The dark red colour, the pleasant smell of cedar oil and the good insulating properties speak for the red cedar

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