Wood stove for sauna - Domestic sauna with own wood stove

Woodburning stove for sauna: romance against potential danger?

The home sauna has to be heated somehow - that much is clear. If you can't get used to an electric sauna heater, you will inevitably have to deal with a wood stove. But what is in store for the sauna owner here? What costs are involved and what must be considered?

Wood stove for sauna: take a classic sauna and observe laws

The classic Woodburning stove is the first choice for many sauna lovers. Romantically the logs crackle, you can watch the fire and the room climate is very pleasant. The necessary replenishment of the wood is not an annoying task, but is seen as part of relaxation. However, there are some legal regulations to be observed so that the wood stove can be operated at all in the home sauna.

A fire protection plate must be placed between the stove and the wall, and the floor space of the stove must also be protected accordingly. There must be a safety clearance between wall and stove and between stove and ceiling. The wood-burning stove must also bear the CE mark, which means that it is safe according to DIN EN 15821-2010. In addition, the requirements of the German Federal Immission Control Ordinance must also be observed. This is where the chimney sweep comes into play, with whom the building measures for your own wood-burning stove should best be discussed. He can also tell you what is really subject to approval and what conditions you must comply with. In some cases, the requirements vary from one federal state to another or even between different cities in the same country. These requirements often go beyond the Federal Immission Control Act.

Important: The wood-burning stove develops smoke during operation, so the distance to the neighbours must be maintained. This is necessary so that the smoke can escape without disturbing the neighbours.

Wood-burning stove for sauna - advantages and disadvantages of the wood-burning stove

When you decide to buy a wood-burning stove, the first thing you have to do is to pay the purchase price, which starts at around 400 euros, depending on the model. Of course, there are no upper limits to the prices. With the wood-burning stove you always have the full cost control and the possibility to compare the prices for wood and then choose the cheapest supplier. You have to take into account the costs for the chimney sweep, these can be up to 70 euros per year, depending on the scope of the services.

Operating the sauna with a wood stove is romantic and many sauna fans rave about the extremely hot infusionswhich can be produced with the oven.

However, the wood-burning stove in the sauna at home also has its disadvantages. So you must always make sure that you enough wood at the ready. This must be procured and stored dry. You cannot go into the sauna spontaneously, because the wood stove heat up first must. You should definitely consider the time and effort involved! Important is also the Disposal of ashes. A lot of dirt can accumulate, so you should proceed carefully.

The wood-burning stove is clearly evident in practice more fire-prone - the insurance companies are therefore very interested in the type of stove you use for heating. The insurance premium is correspondingly lower.

If you wish to have a lower temperature during your sauna session, it is not easy to adjust. A quick changeover simply does not workAlso, the wood-burning stove takes longer to heat up.

But all these disadvantages do not disturb a real sauna fan, of course, if he gets a rustic sauna, which romantic and health-promoting is at the same time.

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