The steam shower - body care in tropical fog

You like it tropically humid, relaxing and pore-deep cleaning? Then a steam shower is the optimal decision. Ready-to-use, prefabricated steam showers with a steam bath generator can be integrated into almost any bathroom without excessive effort and complement the bathtub and shower in an equally elegant and effective way.

The principle of the steam shower is quickly explained. In a special system, the water for the steam shower is pre-heated and then evaporated into the room through nozzles. This creates a fine warm mist that completely envelops you, opens the pores and in this way ensures deep cleansing of the skin while relaxing at the same time. Depending on the steam bath generator, the steam cabin is pleasantly preheated by a heat fan before use. After use, the same heating system allows the steam cabin to dry easily.

In addition to the finely atomized steam, aromatic essences can be mixed into the steam mist on request, providing stimulating or relaxing fragrances. Built-in ergonomically shaped seats, which are designed for single or double use of the steam shower, provide for comfort.

Additional lighting, such as starry skies or light therapy facilities, and integrated loudspeakers can make the pleasure even more attractive. Thus the steam shower presents itself as a popular rest and relaxation zone in the middle of your own bathroom.

For inexperienced users here are some suggestions for use. In principle, you can use the steam shower at any time of day. A steam shower session should last about 10 to 15 minutes. Then switch over to shower mode and cool your body slowly, starting with your legs, over your arms and then gradually down to your heart. Additional built-in massage jets can provide even more relaxation. If you feel like it, you can then go on to another session where the actual steam shower is again complemented by cooling down with cool but not cold water.

Even though the steam shower is certainly not for heavily soiled craftsmen, it makes a professional contribution to relaxation and mental balance. Even in the case of occasional sleep disturbances, a steam shower bath can provide relief. Simply enjoy the peace and quiet and then transfer your resting phase directly to bed after cooling off. Deeply relaxed and with a consistently clean feeling, you will certainly fall asleep quite quickly.

You can integrate the steam shower in various designs and shapes into your sufficiently large bathroom. If there is no room for it in the bathroom itself, there are often other possibilities in the house to install a modern steam cabin with all its advantages. In contrast to the home sauna, the steam shower needs less space, less energy and still offers a comparable luxury that you can afford. Interested in the tropical form of skin and body care with the added benefit of restful relaxation? Then you are welcome to get more information from us!

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