This is how the first course into the steam bath works

Steam baths relax, care for and are good for your health. They stimulate the blood circulation and help to eliminate toxins. A visit is especially recommended for respiratory diseases, as these can be alleviated. However, there are a few things that steam bath beginners should know when going to a steam bath.

Most important mindset for steam bath beginners: Not all steam baths are the same as saunas

Many people believe that steam bath is just another word for sauna. But there are indeed differences. In a sauna, the temperature is high. In a steam bath, on the other hand, the humidity is primarily very high. This lies between 40 and 50 degrees. Because of the high degree of humidity, you sit on tiles instead of wood in the steam bath. Steam baths are particularly suitable for wellness seekers with circulation problems. A steam bath does not burden the circulation as much as a sauna visit.

Whether sauna or steam bath: the session should not last longer than eight minutes for beginners. After a few visits the stay can be increased. However, it should never exceed 15 minutes.

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Little steam bath etiquette for steam bath beginners

The steam bath is like a library - conversations and laughter are not appropriate here. If necessary, whispering is allowed. However, most steam bath visitors prefer absolute silence. Those who want to come out as beginners applaud after the infusion.

In the steam bath there is also sometimes a massage.

However, anyone who goes to a steam bath not only does not want to hear the other people present, but also does not want to smell them! Personal hygiene is obligatory, which means that a shower is due before and after the visit. Furthermore, distance should be maintained. Nobody likes to have somebody sitting too close to them when naked.

Besides, as everywhere where sweat is produced: Please put a towel underneath. But this should only be placed when the session actually takes place. Because visitors who reserve seats with the towel make themselves just as unpopular in the steam bath as they are on holiday.

When should the steam bath be avoided?

Most people benefit in every respect from a visit to the steam bath. However, there are exceptions. Pregnant women should better avoid the corridor, because temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius are conducive to contractions. If the pregnancy is still in its early stages, the gynaecologist can make a recommendation for a steam bath session.

Steam baths should also be avoided in the case of dilated blood vessels (vasodilatation) or varicose veins. The heat would dilate the blood vessels even more. Open wounds are also taboo in a steam bath, both for health and hygiene reasons.

Caution is also advised with some skin diseases, such as neurodermatitis. The salty sweat on the skin can irritate it and redness can occur. However, this is very individual and cannot be limited to certain diseases. For some people the skin condition improves after the steam bath.

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