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Article No.: 915-VP
Wooden cover for sauna light, also suitable for corner installation. Dimensions: 21 x 12.5 x 27.5 cm (width x depth x height).
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Sauna lighting

Sauna lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere and visibility in the sauna cabin. Well-chosen lighting not only provides the necessary brightness, but also contributes to relaxation and cosiness during the sauna visit. When selecting suitable lighting for the sauna, there are some important aspects to consider:

Heat resistance

As high temperatures prevail in the sauna cabin, sauna lighting needs to be heat-resistant. Normal light bulbs or conventional lamps are not suitable for these conditions. It is advisable to choose special sauna lighting designed for use in high temperatures and humidity. Such lights are designed to withstand the extreme conditions and maintain their functionality.


The lighting in the sauna room should be bright enough to illuminate the entire room evenly. It is important to find a balance in order to create a pleasant atmosphere without irritating the eyes of sauna visitors. Dazzling or overly bright lighting can detract from the sauna experience. It is advisable to choose subdued, warm lighting that has a calming effect and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient lighting is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps to keep sauna running costs down. LED lights are a popular choice for sauna lighting as they are very energy efficient and have a long lifespan. They use less energy than conventional light bulbs and can also withstand the high temperatures that can occur in the sauna room.


The colour of the lighting can have a significant impact on the mood and atmosphere in the sauna room. Warm shades such as yellow, orange or red are often perceived as more pleasant and contribute to a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Cool colours such as blue or green, on the other hand, can have a calming effect. The choice of colour depends on individual preferences and the desired effect.


Sauna lighting plays an important role in creating atmosphere and well-being in the sauna room. Well-chosen lighting that is heat-resistant, sufficiently bright, energy-efficient and appropriately coloured contributes to a pleasant and relaxing sauna experience. LED lights are a popular choice due to their energy efficiency and durability benefits. It is advisable to base your choice of sauna lighting on these factors to ensure that it meets the needs and requirements of the sauna. Carefully chosen sauna lighting helps to improve the atmosphere in the sauna room and make the overall sauna experience more enjoyable.

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