Sauna bucket for infusion in different sizes.

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Sauna set 5 pieces, consisting of 4 litre sauna bucket, plastic insert, ladle, climate meter and hourglass
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The sauna bucket

A sauna bucket is a special container used in the sauna to provide water for infusions and sprinkling the sauna stones. It is a bucket or tub that is usually made of wood and has a capacity of several litres. The sauna bucket is filled with cold water and can be used with a ladle or infuser to pour the water onto the hot sauna stones.

The sauna bucket, ideally made of wood, plays an important role in creating the sauna climate. Pouring water onto the sauna stones increases the humidity and creates the typical steam that is characteristic of the sauna experience. This steam, combined with the warmth of the sauna, creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

In addition, essential oils or infusions can be added to the water in the sauna bucket to enrich the infusion with different fragrances and aromas. Popular fragrances for sauna infusions include eucalyptus, birch, menthol or citrus. These aromatic additives enhance the sauna experience and can have a soothing effect on body and mind.

Why is a sauna infusion bucket important?

  • Infusions: The sauna bucket is used to pour water for infusions onto the hot sauna stones using an infusion ladle. This increases the humidity in the sauna and produces the typical steam that is indispensable for the sauna experience. The combination of heat and humidity improves circulation, opens the pores of the skin and promotes relaxation.
  • Temperature regulation: With the sauna bucket you can influence the temperature in the sauna. By pouring cold water on the sauna stones, you can temporarily intensify the heat and create a more intense sauna experience. Some sauna guests also prefer cooler infusions to feel a gentler heat. The sauna bucket allows sauna guests to adjust the temperature according to their individual preferences.
  • Aroma: The sauna bucket offers the possibility to add essential oils or infusions to the water. This allows different scents and aromas to be diffused in the sauna, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The aromatic additives can stimulate the senses, reduce stress and increase well-being.
  • Tradition and ritual: Infusing with the sauna bucket is a long-standing tradition in sauna culture. It has a ritual meaning and can become a personal sauna ritual. The scooping and pouring of water symbolises purification, refreshment and revitalisation. It connects sauna guests with the history and tradition of sauna culture.
  • Relaxation and refreshment: The sauna bucket enables sauna guests to refresh and relax during their sauna visit. The cold water on the hot skin creates a refreshing feeling and can stimulate the circulation. Pouring the water and watching the steam spread in the sauna can also have a calming and meditative effect.

What types of sauna buckets are there?

There are different types of sauna buckets, made of different materials. The most popular materials are wood and stainless steel. Wooden buckets are the most common because they have a natural look and store water well. Stainless steel buckets are popular because of their hygienic properties and durability. It is also possible to choose sauna buckets with a handle or a lid to make pouring water easier and safer.

How to choose the right sauna bucket?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right sauna bucket. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right sauna bucket for your needs:

  • Size: consider how much water you need for your infusions. Depending on the size of the sauna and your personal preference, the amount of water you need may vary. Choose a sauna bucket that holds enough water but is not too bulky to handle easily.
  • Material: Sauna buckets are available in different materials, such as wood, plastic or stainless steel. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wooden buckets give the sauna a traditional and natural ambience, while plastic or stainless steel buckets can be more durable and easier to clean. Choose a material that suits your personal preferences and requirements.
  • Handle design: Look for an ergonomic handle design that gives you a secure and comfortable grip. A well-shaped handle makes it easier to carry and pour water.
  • Quality: Invest in a high-quality sauna bucket that is durable and can withstand the demands of the sauna. Check the workmanship, stability and quality of the model you choose to ensure it meets your needs.
  • Aesthetics: Also consider the aesthetic appeal of the sauna bucket. A beautifully designed bucket can complement the overall appearance of your sauna and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Care of the sauna bucket

Proper care of your sauna bucket is important to prolong its life and ensure hygienic use. Here are some tips on how to care for your sauna bucket:

  • Cleaning: After each use, you should clean the sauna bucket thoroughly. Use warm water and mild soap to remove dirt, sweat and any residues of essential oils or infusions. Rinse the bucket thoroughly afterwards to remove any soap residue.
  • Drying: Make sure the sauna bucket is completely dry before using or storing it again. Drain the remaining water thoroughly and leave the bucket to dry in a well-ventilated place. This prevents the formation of mould or unpleasant odours.
  • Avoid harsh cleaning agents: Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents as they can damage the material of the sauna bucket. Instead, use mild cleaning agents or natural solutions such as vinegar or lemon juice to remove stubborn stains.
  • Storage: Store the sauna bucket in a dry place, away from moisture and direct sunlight. Make sure that the bucket is not stacked or squashed to avoid deformation.

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