To ensure that it never gets cold in your sauna, we offer the right heating rod for your sauna heater.

Heating rod sauna heater

Despite its reliability and durability, the heating rod for the sauna heater is subject to a certain amount of wear over time. It is therefore important to inspect sauna heating rods for the sauna heater regularly in order to detect possible defects or a drop in performance at an early stage. A regular inspection of the sauna heating rod helps you to identify potential problems in time and to take appropriate measures.

In some cases it may be necessary to replace a heating rod. However, this is usually not a particularly big problem as long as you use the correct replacement parts and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. It is important to take the necessary safety measures as this is electrical work. In the event of major damage or the failure of several sauna heating elements, it is advisable to call in an electrician or a specialist with experience in sauna technology. They have the knowledge and expertise to professionally replace the defective heating elements and ensure the optimal function of your sauna.

The heating rod for heating the sauna heater

The heating rod for heating the sauna heater is also called a tubular heater in sauna technology. These important components consist of special pipes that contain heating coils. The current flowing through the heating coils heats them up and transfers the heat to the sauna cabin. Compared to other types of sauna heating, electric sauna heater heating elements offer a number of advantages. Not only are they clean and reliable, but they also require little maintenance.

Such a replacement heating rod for the sauna has to perform a lot

At the latest when you have to serve your guests several cocktails before the actual sauna enjoyment in order to bridge the increasingly longer heating-up time, the sauna owner should think about a general overhaul of the sauna. Clever sauna owners naturally always have a spare sauna heating rod in the drawer to be prepared for emergencies. But replacing the heating coil or heating rod is not always enough. Being a sauna heater is a tough job and sometimes more sauna accessories than just a replacement heating rod have to be replaced to bring it back up to scratch.

A prudent sauna owner naturally keeps a watchful eye on the sauna accessories. That's why the sauna heater always shines with a healthy glow. However, hardly anyone looks behind the façade. Suddenly, the sauna heater loses its youthful vigour and groans in agony when it tries to bring the sauna cabin to the desired sauna climate despite everything. For this to happen, however, the sauna heating rod, sauna heater and sauna accessories must work hand in hand. If one of them fails, the sauna is robbed of its life. Because a cold sauna is of little use to the sauna-goer.

Even a sauna heating element in the sauna heater can break down.

Now, many sauna owners think that sauna heating rods cannot break in their sauna because they have paid attention to the best quality when buying them. But even the best sauna heaters will eventually break down. The ravages of time gnaw away at every sauna accessory. If the sauna no longer gets hot, you have to act quickly and get to the bottom of the problem. Otherwise, the regular wellness pleasure will suffer and the sauna owner will have to disappoint his family, friends and acquaintances. As a rule, it is sufficient to replace the heater rod of the sauna heater with a spare heater rod to give the sauna heater a new lease of life and, above all, the courage to work.

So there is no reason to retire your long-time sauna companion. However, it can be difficult to find the right replacement heating element, because not every sauna heater accepts any new partner under its bonnet. Perhaps he is more interested in a heating coil or the replacement heating rod does not meet his requirements, in which case the sauna heater will go on strike instead of functioning properly again.

Why stainless steel should be used for a sauna heating rod

When choosing a material for a sauna heating rod, stainless steel is one of the preferred options and for good reason. Let's dive deeper and understand the reasons why stainless steel is often the preferred choice for sauna heating rods.

Resistance and durability

Stainless steel is known for its outstanding resistance to corrosion and heat, properties that make it ideal for use in sauna heating rods. The environment inside a sauna is hot and humid, which can cause many materials to corrode quickly. Stainless steel, however, maintains its integrity and function even under these conditions. In addition, stainless steel has a high mechanical strength, which means that it can withstand the physical stresses to which it is subjected during normal operation. This combination of corrosion and heat resistance, as well as mechanical strength, gives stainless steel heating rods an impressive longevity that makes them an economical choice for sauna heaters.

Performance and efficiency

Stainless steel heating rods deliver consistent and efficient performance that ensures even heating of the sauna. When electric current flows through the heating rod, the resistance of the material generates heat. This heat is then transferred to the sauna stones, from where it is released into the sauna.

Although stainless steel does not have the best thermal conductivity of all materials, it is still able to provide enough heat to effectively heat the sauna. Stainless steel also has the advantage of being less prone to overheating when properly maintained and used, which increases safety when operating the sauna.

Final thoughts

So choosing stainless steel for sauna heating rods is not a matter of chance, but the result of careful consideration. With its resistance to corrosion and heat, its durability and efficiency, and its environmental friendliness, stainless steel offers a combination of advantages that make it the ideal choice for sauna heating rods. In this way, it helps to ensure a safe, enjoyable and long-lasting sauna experience.

Which sauna heating rod is right for my sauna heater?

The fathers of sauna heaters and sauna accessory manufacturers have in fact developed individual heating coils and heating rods for each of their children. These only fit their own children and are not compatible with other sauna heaters. Therefore, the sauna owner must find out exactly which heating rod is suitable for his sauna heater. For this purpose, the nominal power of the heating elements must be exactly matched to the total power of the sauna heater. The sauna owner must therefore first take a look at the discarded heating rod. There is an engraving there that shows the exact designation of the model. Once the new heating coil or replacement heating rod is in place, the sauna can resume full service. This will certainly be a day of rejoicing for the entire family, friends and acquaintances.

The sauna owner will also be pleased with the new sauna heating rods. After all, they provide enormous energy and cost savings. A defective sauna heating rod, which is on its last legs, needs a lot more energy than an intact one to generate any heat at all. By overhauling the heating rods, the sauna owner also saves money, an aspect that is particularly important in today's world. Also with regard to the healthy environment, which is important not only for the sauna but also for the well-being of the sauna-goer.

To prevent sauna lovers from having to do without their beloved sauna sessions for a few days, regular maintenance of the sauna heating rod, sauna heater, heating coil, replacement heating rod and sauna accessories is called for. In this way, the sauna owner recognises at an early stage which parts are approaching their natural death and can replace them before day X has come. This simple measure keeps failures within limits and disappointments are avoided. So happy people can continue to enjoy their sauna every day. Your sauna no longer gets warm properly or not at all? Often the fault lies in a defective heating rod. However, before ordering a new heating rod and commissioning an electrician to replace the heating element in the sauna heater, it is worth looking at other details.

If the sauna heater fails, in many cases it is due to a blown fuse or the FI switch. Therefore, first check the fuses for the sauna heater and the FI switch in the electrical system. If no causes can be found here, the next step is to look at the heating element in the sauna heater itself. To do this, first take out the sauna stones with the sauna heater switched off, remove the housing and get a clear view of the heating element. First check it for visible damage. If such damage is visible, the heating rod must be replaced anyway.

The heating rod in the sauna heater should always be replaced by qualified personnel. For commissioning, take the required data from the type plate on the back of the sauna heater. With this information, the specialist knows which type of sauna heater it is and which heating element must be reordered.

The heating element can then be changed relatively quickly. To do this, the specialist will loosen the plug connections on the heating element, remove it and briefly measure it. If the fault is really in the heating element, it will be replaced quickly and easily so that you can soon use your sauna again.

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