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The sauna oven

It is well known how beneficial a sauna session is to health. Nothing stimulates the circulation as much as a visit to the sauna, stimulates the blood circulation as beneficially and at the same time strengthens the immune system. No matter whether Finnish sauna or steam bath - there are many different ways to enjoy the sauna. But they all have one thing in common: their heart is the sauna oven. Sauna heaters are available in different versions for different purposes. They are just as diverse as the saunas they heat.


Sauna heaters: The versatile ones

Der Saunaofen bringt Ihre Sauna auf Touren
Many sauna visitors prefer the electric sauna oven with sauna heating rods. These very uncomplicated sauna heaters are easy to handle, hygienic and very flexible in use. Mostly, however, they require a high-voltage connection, which may only be installed by a trained electrician. Whereas in the past the electric sauna heater was only suitable for the Finnish sauna, today these heaters can be used for different types of sauna due to their additional functions. However, the electric heater is not suitable for steam saunas. Here the
Sauna owners always opt for a special sauna oven for steam operation. By the way, there is a simple trick to reduce the dreaded electricity costs with an electric sauna heater. It saves a lot of electricity if the heater is switched off before the last sauna session. This is because the sauna stones reheat for so long that in any case there is still enough heat left for the last round.

The new trend: the steam sauna

Die Dampfsaunaöfen finden immer mehr Anhänger
Taking a sauna in the circulation-friendly steam sauna is becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to the specially developed sauna oven, this type of sauna functions as a hybrid between the traditional sauna and a steam bath. Combination sauna heaters create a climate with 50 to 60
Air humidity at a low temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius. Due to the moderate heat, there are not the usual infusions in a steam sauna. Essential oils or herbs provide a pleasant climate here. Combi sauna heaters with vaporizers are available especially for such applications. This sauna is also recommended for people who should not normally visit a sauna for health reasons because of the low circulatory load. For skin problems, this type of sauna is even said to work wonders.

Sauna heaters with wood heating

For the original Finnish sauna experience, a sauna oven with wood heating is the ultimate. At temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius and a humidity of only ten percent, relaxed sweating is the order of the day. The evenly distributed heat and the efficient air and fire circulation guarantee pleasant infusions. Of course, a wood-fired sauna oven is always a little more complex to maintain, because it also needs to be reliably supplied with firewood to ensure an even heat. However, it compensates the sauna visitor for his efforts with the incomparable ambience of the traditional Finnish sauna. It should also be noted that a sauna stove with wood firing always requires a professionally constructed exhaust air construction. This makes woodburning stoves less suitable for indoor use. Here too, it is imperative that a specialist be appointed to install the exhaust air construction safely and professionally, otherwise there is a risk of fire.

International steam baths

Connoisseurs and lovers of the classic steam bath distinguish between the Roman, Russian and Turkish forms. However, there are even less known variants. The Japanese, the Irish and the Mexicans cultivate their very own versions of the steam bath. Furthermore, in North America, the traditional sweat lodges of the Indians are also a variation of the steam bath. However, these are not heated with a sauna oven, but only with hot stones. For the variants commonly used here, however, a special sauna oven is required, which allows sauna bathing at a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius with a simultaneous humidity of over 80 percent. Special sauna heaters for steam baths have devices that add different scents to the steam. This has a liberating effect on the respiratory tract and makes the steam bath a boon, especially for people with respiratory diseases. But also a relaxing and relaxing effect on the muscles and a cleansing effect on the skin makes the traditional and the modern steam bath a popular application.

The sauna control unit

The sauna control unit ensures a perfect interaction of all elements and thus the right feel-good atmosphere in the sauna. There are sauna heaters with integrated sauna control units. A sauna with an automatic control unit is a true luxury, because who wants to leave the sauna in the middle of a sauna session?
Die Saunasteuerung regelt den Saunaofen
deepest relaxation because a setting on the sauna oven needs to be corrected? Modern sauna control units not only provide basic safety by protecting the cabin from overheating and regulating the temperature. A multifunctional sauna control unit in the steam sauna also regulates the humidity and ensures a pleasant climate. It can even be used in a lavishly equipped sauna to play automatically controlled light and colour games accompanied by the appropriate music. It is up to the sauna user to choose the right programme and relax. Everything else is comfortably taken over by the automatic control.

The right heater for every sauna

As this overview clearly shows, there are many different sauna heaters for different types of sauna. Each individual sauna heater has its own advantages and special areas of application. The world of the sauna is so varied and colourful that the sauna heaters have adapted to this diversity. It is a very individual decision which sauna form is the preferred one. It depends not least on physical conditions and personal preferences. But no matter whether Finnish, with steam or in the steam way, one thing is clear: the sauna is only complete with the right sauna oven with which a sauna infusion can be made.

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