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Sauna accessories for the next sauna party

The sauna is a place of total relaxation for sauna lovers. They always want to share their well-being and relaxation with family, friends and acquaintances and invite you to a sauna party. As on all occasions to which one is invited, the invited guest will of course think about what would be suitable as a nice souvenir for the host. What could be more natural than to bring a sauna accessory to the sauna party, which will make the next visit to the sauna even more enjoyable for the sauna owner?


The perfect gift basket for the sauna party - sauna accessories in a colourful mix

To make a nice souvenir, it is best to go to a sauna shop where you can find all the sauna accessories. Browsing the internet also helps the sauna layman to put together the right sauna gift basket. On the virtual journey through the sauna accessories country


you will find really everything that is suitable for a successful sauna evening and makes the sauna friend's heart beat faster.

The first sauna accessory you should pack into the basket is a hygrometer. This is simply part of the optimal basic sauna equipment. After all, the hygrometer measures the air humidity and is thus responsible for determining the most pleasant sauna climate. Therefore, high quality should also be taken into account, as the hygrometer must not only be heat-resistant, but also be easy to read. Room temperature and air humidity are the most important factors for a healthy sauna.

Therefore, a sauna thermometer is also an important utensil among the sauna accessories and must be placed in the basket. Whether classic thermometer or fancy designer piece, the temperature display is what counts. You should not skimp here and also choose a high-quality thermometer.

Just around the corner you can find the popular Sauna infusion and sauna equipment for the ceremony. If you like your sauna buddy, you should definitely get a high-quality Sauna bucket of wood and an equally wooden Infusion ladle pack up. Frequently, whole sets are offered for sauna infusion, with which the tradition of sauna infusion can be perfectly carried out. A pleasure that sauna enthusiasts should really treat themselves to. And if you're lucky, you'll even get something out of the evening of the sauna party when the host is the sauna master.


No sauna infusion without special sauna fragrance


However, a sauna infusion only brings a cosy atmosphere into the sauna if it is made with the appropriate additives. So quickly over to the shelf with the sauna infusion concentrates and the matching fragrances in the shopping basket. The soothing sauna fragrances ,extracted from natural aromatic oils, make the sauna experience a sensual one. The shelves are well filled with fragrances that serve to relax, are used for aromatherapy or have a stimulating and healing effect. Whether mountain pine, spruce needle or eucalyptus for cold symptoms, lemon, orange, tropical fruit or papaya for fruity enjoyment or lemon balm, sage or fennel from the herb garden, the choice of fragrances is huge. A successful mixture of fragrances enables sauna lovers to use the right fragrance for their sauna infusion in all situations. A sauna accessory that should not be missing in your gift basket.


The sauna - a temporary pleasure

In order for the sauna friend to be able to plan his sauna visits properly, he needs another sauna accessory. Because the individual sauna sessions should not exceed a healthy duration. Of course, you can forget the time in the pleasantly warm sauna, but the sauna friend should be reminded with a sauna hourglass when it is time for a cool-down phase. After all, the heart and circulation should not be overloaded, and a sauna hourglass as a sauna accessory is just the right reminder.


Small gifts preserve friendship

Smaller sauna accessories can also contribute to the feeling of well-being. A sauna towel, a bathrobe, an après-scent lotion or a wooden headrest for comfortable lying in the sauna can be appropriate souvenirs. These sauna accessories can also be integrated into a gift basket or used as a small gift for a guest. After all, you will probably see your sauna friend more often in order to get a relaxing sauna session yourself.


For good friends it may also be something more

But maybe you would like to make your friend's dream of your own sauna come true first. After all, many people would like to have their own sauna, but have not yet been able to realise this. But then it is not enough for the dear friend to simply put a sauna cabin in the apartment and install it. In this case the appropriate sauna accessories must also be provided.

This is where the heart of the sauna first comes into play - the Electric sauna oven. The donor should not save on these sauna accessories under any circumstances. Only a high-quality sauna oven with quality sauna stones can be considered as basic equipment. Often this is already included in the sauna kit. However, there are also many extras that are necessary for optimal sauna enjoyment and are not included in the standard sauna kit. You should buy these sauna accessories for your friend's sake. This could be a Sauna control These can be different measuring instruments or even a sauna colour light, which are usually not included in the set as regular sauna accessories.


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