Sauna accessories

Choosing the right sauna accessories is crucial to perfecting the sauna experience and maximising comfort. Below we take a closer look at various important sauna accessories to help you choose the right equipment. From the sauna control unit, sauna stones, sauna infusion and sauna bucket to the sauna door and sauna lighting - each individual part fulfils a specific function and helps to make the sauna experience even more enjoyable.

Sauna heater:

The sauna heater with the sauna heating element is responsible for generating the high temperature. It is available in various operating modes, depending on customer requirements. To save space, a wall-mounted model is generally used, which is mounted on the wooden wall using an appropriate bracket. The following types are widely used: Finnish sauna heater, combination sauna heater, wood-burning sauna heater.

Sauna control unit:

The sauna control unit allows you to precisely regulate the temperature and humidity in your sauna to create a pleasant and healthy sauna climate. Modern sauna control units are often equipped with digital displays and user-friendly controls that enable simple and precise control. You can adjust the heat in your sauna to your liking and ensure that the environment always matches your preferences. In addition, some more advanced models have additional features such as timers, automatic switch-off and even remote controls, providing you with greater convenience and safety.

When buying a sauna control unit, you should pay attention to quality and user-friendliness. A high-quality, reliable control unit will ensure long-term performance and help you get the most out of your sauna. With the right sauna control unit, your sauna experience is sure to be an unrivalled experience.

Sauna stones:

Sauna stones are an essential part of any sauna. They have the special property of storing high temperatures and releasing them evenly into the sauna room, which provides the characteristic warmth and feel-good atmosphere. The stones are heated in the sauna heater and store this heat over a longer period of time. During a sauna infusion, when water is poured onto the hot stones, this water evaporates and thus increases the humidity in the sauna room. Good sauna stones must be heat-resistant and robust in order to withstand the high temperatures and the constant change between heating and cooling. It is therefore important to ensure high quality when selecting sauna stones.

Sauna infusion:

The sauna infusion consists of a mixture of water and essential oils that is poured onto the heated sauna stones. The resulting steam not only spreads a pleasant humidity in the room, but also the fragrant aromas of the oils used. There is a large selection of fragrances, ranging from calming lavender to revitalising mint. Each infusion can be individually customised to suit your own preferences. When choosing a sauna infusion, it is important to pay attention to natural ingredients and quality to ensure optimum effect and compatibility. A high-quality sauna infusion contributes significantly to relaxation and regeneration and makes the sauna a place of well-being.

Sauna bucket:

the main function of a sauna bucket is to hold the water for the sauna infusion, which is poured onto the hot sauna stones to create steam and humidify the sauna. The bucket is usually made of heat-resistant materials such as wood or metal to withstand the hot temperatures in the sauna. Choosing a sauna bucket that is large enough to hold enough water for your infusion is important to ensure that you don't have to leave the sauna too often to top up the water. A good quality sauna bucket should have a sturdy construction and a secure handle to make handling and pouring water as easy and safe as possible.

Infusion ladle:

The infusion ladle is an indispensable tool in the sauna. It is used to pour the water from the sauna bucket onto the hot sauna stones. This process creates steam and increases the humidity in the sauna, which contributes to relaxation and improves the sauna experience. A good ladle should be made of heat-resistant material to withstand the heat of the sauna. It should also have sufficient filling capacity to allow the water to be evenly distributed over the stones. With a well-designed ladle, you can make the infusion process easy and effective, making your sauna experience even more enjoyable.

Thermometer and hygrometer:

A sauna thermometer is used to accurately measure the temperature inside the sauna. This is important because the right temperature is crucial for the ultimate sauna experience. Most sauna users prefer temperatures between 70 and 100 degrees Celsius. With an accurate thermometer, you can adjust the heat to your personal comfort level.

The hygrometer measures the humidity in the sauna. Sauna owners use it to control the humidity level, which is important for an optimal sauna experience. The ideal humidity level varies depending on the type of sauna and the individual preferences of the user.

By accurately controlling temperature and humidity with a thermometer and hygrometer, you ensure that you achieve the best possible conditions in your sauna. These instruments contribute to a safe, healthy and relaxing sauna experience.

Sauna door:

The sauna door not only serves to protect the sauna room from outside influences, but also keeps the heat and humidity inside, which is essential for an effective sauna experience. The ideal sauna door should be made of heat-resistant and robust material, such as tempered glass or special sauna wood. It should also have good insulation to minimise heat loss. It is equally important that the door is easy to open and close and has a secure lock to ensure privacy while you are in the sauna. A well-designed sauna door goes a long way towards creating a pleasant and relaxing sauna experience.

Sauna lighting:

Sauna lighting plays a crucial role in the overall ambience of your sauna visit. Not only does it create a warm and inviting atmosphere, it also contributes to safety by ensuring adequate visibility. The lighting should be made of heat-resistant materials and emit a soft, pleasant light that contributes to relaxation. Well-placed and high-quality sauna lighting can significantly improve well-being during the sauna session and provide a sense of calm and serenity.

Sauna bench:

The sauna bench is the central place where you can find total relaxation during your sauna session. It should be made of a material that absorbs and resists heat well to give you a comfortable seating experience. Popular materials for sauna benches are wood species such as aspen, abachi or lime, as they distribute heat evenly and are pleasant to the touch.

A good sauna bench should also have a comfortable and ergonomic structure to allow you to sit in a relaxed and comfortable position. It can have a slight incline to ensure a comfortable position for your back and neck. A well-designed sauna bench supports your body during the sauna session and contributes to a relaxing and soothing experience.

Take your time to choose the sauna bench that best suits your personal preferences and needs. A high-quality and well-constructed sauna bench will help you to fully enjoy the benefits of the sauna and take your relaxation to a new level.

Choosing the right sauna accessories

Choosing the right sauna accessories can not only make your sauna experience more comfortable, but also safer and more enjoyable. Invest in high-quality items to maximise the longevity and efficiency of your sauna.

What should I look for when buying sauna accessories?

When buying sauna accessories, there are a few things to consider to ensure that your sauna experience is as pleasant and safe as possible.


Sauna accessories should be of high quality and made from heat-resistant materials to ensure that they are safe to use and will last a long time.

Fitting accuracy:

Sauna accessories should fit into the sauna and harmonise well with the other elements of the sauna.


The sauna accessories should fulfil their function well. For example, the sauna control unit should be easy to operate and be able to precisely regulate the temperature and humidity in the room.


Price is of course also an important factor when buying sauna accessories. It is important to find good value for money, but at the same time the quality of the accessories should not be neglected.


Choosing the right sauna accessories is crucial to ensure an all-round successful sauna experience. Look for high-quality materials (e.g. wood), careful workmanship and customisation options to meet your personal needs and preferences. With the right sauna accessory set, you can enjoy your sauna time to the full and benefit from the health advantages of the sauna at the same time.

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