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Usually Nordic woods such as Nordic fir or the hemlock fir. However, the wood of the red cedar or the European fir can also be used. It depends, among other things, on the material density of the wood.

Wood can better absorb and store heat and also moisture before it is evenly distributed back into the cabin. Glass cannot absorb moisture and heat, so the glass front heats up very quickly. Therefore, it can quickly become really unpleasantly hot in a sauna with a glass front.

It is therefore very important to ensure that the right balance between glass and wood is maintained. We therefore recommend a solid wood sauna.

For the construction 2, but better 3 people are needed. If you are talented in craftsmanship, you can do this yourself. Otherwise, there is still the possibility of commissioning a furniture shipping company with the assembly.

The sauna cabin for the home sauna

A sauna cabin brings the sauna fun straight home. The healthy effect of the sauna can be brought into your own four walls if the right conditions are met. Thus, a sauna cabin can be used to take a sauna at your own pace. Different designs, equipment and sizes make the sauna a part of the wellness area in your own house.


Sauna cabin - quick and easy to set up

Wherever there is a suitable place with the necessary electrical connections, it can be set up quickly. The modular assembly system also allows the experienced do-it-yourselfer to set it up himself. Only the electrical connections have to be made by a skilled electrician. The robust construction, e.g. made of solid wood, safe opening doors with optional left or right hinged doors and the comfortable interior design are plus points for the sauna cabin at home.


Home sauna for everyone

A sauna cabin is characterised by explicit advantages:

  • little space required in different sizes
  • robust, durable construction
  • Sauna, whenever you want
  • Self assembly possible
  • optional extras
  • proven modular systems


230 and 400 Volt sweat cabins - simple or extravagant

Depending on your wishes and the space available, a sauna cabin can be plain and simple or spacious and extravagant in various shapes and fittings. The basic construction of every cabin in our range is made of naturally grown, suitable solid wood. The simple self-assembly and the functional design distinguish each sauna cabin. Different interior equipment and optional sizes from one to several persons determine the individual style.


Sensible equipment for the full sauna pleasure

For the equipment of the wooden cabin, further products are available in our shop in addition to the basic equipment. From Electric sauna oven all the way to Sauna infusion or to the sauna thermometer we have the complete sauna equipment in our offer. Regardless of long distances and opening hours, this cabin can be used practically at any time of the day and is also available to guests and visitors. Passionate sauna enthusiasts will find the right accessories in our online shop.

During the planning phase for the purchase of your own sauna, the question of the differences between a solid wood sauna and a panel sauna is often asked. The differences here are not only due to the price, but also to other factors such as installation, insulation and comfort in the different construction methods.


The price of an infrared sauna

In most cases, the offers for a panel sauna appear to be significantly cheaper than those for a solid wood sauna. However, a closer comparison shows that solid wood saunas and panel saunas of the same size and equipment can often be very close in price. This depends on the quality and the used woods as well as on the supplier.


The assembly

A panel sauna usually consists of ready-to-install elements of different quality. The walls and ceilings are usually constructed in several layers. A good element sauna consists of an outer wall made of wooden planks, insulation, vapour barrier (except for cork insulation) and inner panelling with open or hidden nailed wooden planks. The wooden planks are no thicker than 19 mm for the element sauna. A panel sauna is relatively easy to install.

The solid wood sauna is built from logs with a thickness between 39 and 68 mm. The advantage of the considerably thicker wooden planks is primarily the better insulation and heat storage capacity. The absorbed heat can be released again as gentle radiant heat, which leads to a much more pleasant climate in the sauna. In addition, with the strong wooden planks in the Solid wood sauna due to their natural properties, additional measures for insulation and vapour barrier are not required. The installation is also relatively uncomplicated according to the instructions.


The comfort

Because of the natural properties of the solid sauna, it offers a noticeably higher comfort in heat radiation than an element sauna. Even though the element sauna is much more flexible, especially when it comes to the choice of installation space, the solid wood sauna is often more fun to use. The final decision is of course made by the builder-owner himself.


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