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Sauna profiled wood door 1.85 x 0.63 m (outer frame dimensions) - iso glass, clear glass. The sauna door made of Nordic spruce is insulated with mineral wool.
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The sauna door

The sauna door, often designed as a glass door, is much more than just an entrance to the sauna room of the sauna cabin. It forms an important component for the sauna experience and fulfils both aesthetic and functional requirements. As a gateway to relaxation, it is the transition between the outside world and the relaxing, soothing ambience of the sauna.

Material and design

The material and design of the sauna door play a decisive role in the aesthetics and function of the sauna. Most sauna doors are made of wood with a glass window, as glass is highly heat-resistant and has the advantage of visually enlarging the room and letting in more light. Tempered safety glass is the preferred choice as it can withstand the extreme temperatures in the sauna. There are also solid wood sauna doors that offer a traditional look and create a warm, natural atmosphere.

The sauna door can be clear, tinted or designed with a sandblasted pattern. It can also be equipped with special handles that are heat-resistant and easy to operate. The choice of design depends on personal preferences and the desired ambience in the sauna.

Functional aspects of the sauna door

In addition to aesthetics, the sauna door also has to fulfil a number of functional requirements. It must keep the heat and humidity inside the sauna, but also ensure sufficient ventilation. Therefore, the sauna door should always open outwards to allow unhindered exit in case of emergency. A good sauna door should close tightly to minimise heat loss and maximise the efficiency of the sauna. However, it should not be completely airtight to allow some ventilation. Finally, it is important that the door is easy to open and close, as it will be used several times during the sauna session.

Maintenance and care of the sauna door

Cleaning: Regular cleaning of your sauna door is important to remove dirt, dust and sweat residue. To do this, use mild cleaning agents or special sauna cleaners that are suitable for use in the sauna. Be careful not to use aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents, as these could damage the surface of the door. Clean both the inside and outside of the door thoroughly and then dry it carefully to avoid moisture damage.

Checking the seals: The seals on your sauna door are crucial for heat insulation. Regularly check the condition of the seals and make sure they are not damaged or worn. If you notice cracks or signs of wear, the seals should be replaced to ensure optimal insulation. When doing so, use high-quality seals that have been specially developed for sauna doors.

Fittings and hinges: Regularly check the fittings and hinges of your sauna door for strength and correct fit. Loose or damaged fittings should be repaired or replaced immediately to ensure proper functioning of the door. Lubricate the hinges regularly with a suitable lubricant to allow the door to open and close smoothly.

Surface care: Glass surfaces can be cleaned with glass cleaner to maintain a shiny and transparent appearance. When doing so, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the care of the specific material of your sauna door.

Humidity control: There is high humidity in the sauna, which can lead to condensation on the surfaces. Make sure that the sauna door is well ventilated after the sauna session to remove the moisture and prevent the formation of mould or damage to the door. Make sure that the door seals are intact and that no moisture can enter the door.

With regular maintenance and care, you can extend the life of your sauna door and keep it functioning properly. A well-maintained sauna door not only provides you with comfort and thermal insulation, but also an attractive appearance that contributes to the overall look of your sauna. Take the time to maintain your sauna door and you will be rewarded with a long-lasting and enjoyable sauna experience.

Types of sauna doors

  • Glass doors: Glass doors are the most commonly used sauna doors and are very popular. Not only do they offer excellent visibility, but they also provide good insulation, making them an energy-efficient option. The transparent surface allows you to enjoy the sauna experience and makes the room feel larger and more open. Glass doors are available in a variety of finishes, from simple clear glass panels to tinted or satin glass panels for more privacy.
  • Wooden doors: Wooden doors are a traditional option for sauna doors and give the sauna a rustic look. They are available in different types of wood, such as cedar, pine or ash. Wooden doors not only provide natural heat insulation, but also create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in the sauna cabin. You can also design the wooden door according to your wishes, for example by adding wooden ornaments or glass inserts.

Properties and advantages of sauna doors

  • Heat resistance: Sauna doors must be heat-resistant to withstand the high temperatures in the sauna. Glass doors are usually made of tempered glass and are therefore very heat resistant.
  • Insulation: Good insulation is important to minimise heat loss and maximise the energy efficiency of the sauna. Glass doors offer excellent insulation and are therefore a good choice for energy-efficient saunas.
  • Visibility: Glass doors offer excellent visibility and allow you to see the sauna from outside. This is especially important when children are in the sauna.
  • Privacy: If you want privacy in the sauna, tinted or satin glass doors are a good option. Wooden doors also offer good privacy, but are usually not as insulated as glass doors.
  • Aesthetics: Sauna doors contribute to the overall design and aesthetics of the sauna. Glass doors give the sauna a modern and elegant look, while wooden doors create a rustic atmosphere.

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