Air circulation in the sauna is important

The art of sauna is an interplay of heat, humidity and air. Effective air circulation forms the backbone of this interplay and is essential for an optimal and healthy sauna experience.

Basic principles of air circulation in the sauna

Air circulation in a sauna is not only a technical aspect, but it directly influences the quality and experience of the sauna session. Fresh oxygen is essential for breathing in the hot and humid environment of a sauna. Without a steady influx of fresh air, breathing in the sauna room quickly becomes difficult, which can compromise health benefits and well-being.

In addition, circulation plays a key role in heat distribution within the sauna room. A lack of sufficient air movement can cause heat to build up in certain areas while other areas remain cold. A common phenomenon in poorly ventilated saunas is users complaining of cold feet while feeling that their head is overheating.

Construction and technology

To ensure optimal air circulation, certain constructional considerations and techniques are required. One crucial component is the air supply opening. This should ideally be positioned low to the floor, directly behind the sauna heater. The reason for this is that the heated air naturally rises. By placing the supply air opening near the floor, the fresh, cooler air is drawn into the sauna and then forced upwards by the heat generated by the heater.

Opposite the air inlet, at about the height of the upper bench, should be the air outlet. The warm, stale air, enriched with sweat and other emissions from the body, rises upwards and is then led out through the exhaust opening.

Prevention of mould and unpleasant odours

Another important aspect of air circulation in saunas is the prevention of moisture build-up, which can cause mould growth and unpleasant odours. A well-designed ventilation system ensures that moisture is efficiently removed and the sauna room remains dry. This not only prevents mould growth, but also the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

In summary, the air circulation in a sauna not only affects the quality of the sauna experience, but is also crucial for the health and safety of the users. A well-designed and efficiently working ventilation system helps to make the sauna experience a true pleasure.

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