Air circulation in the sauna is important

A well thought-out and smoothly functioning air circulation is important for the proper operation of the sauna and healthy sauna enjoyment. You can only sweat healthily in the sauna if fresh oxygen can always flow into the sweat cabin. Otherwise the air in the hot and humid climate will quickly become scarce. Furthermore, if there is no fresh air supply in the sweat room, the heat cannot be distributed evenly. The result is cold feet and at the same time overheated heads.

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For effective air circulation, an air inlet should be installed behind the sauna oven as low as possible at floor level. The exhaust air opening is ideally located opposite to it, approximately at the height of the bench in the upper row. In this way, the fresh air is practically carried upwards by the heated air from the sauna oven, where it mixes with the used air and then flows out again via the exhaust air opening. The correct air circulation also ensures that there is no musty smell and unnecessary mould growth in the sauna.

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