Build your own sauna

The wish to own your own sauna can be realized in the most different living conditions. In your own house or on your own property, this is just as possible as, under certain conditions, in a condominium or rented apartment. The prerequisite for owning your own sauna is always the availability of sufficient suitable space and an environment that allows the installation of a home sauna from various points of view. At the same time, building your own sauna is becoming more and more popular, because it not only saves you money, but also allows you to better consider your individual wishes.

Basic ideas for a sauna in your own construction - sauna construction kit

Before you start to build a sauna yourself, you should think about some basic principles. These include for example the

Building your own sauna - installation site

The place where you build your own sauna should be sufficiently large and in any case well ventilated. Sufficiently large means that the room must offer sufficient space in terms of both height and floor space for the installation of the sauna plus all-round circulation space for the exchange of air. Sufficient ventilation also plays a decisive role in effectively preventing rotting and mould formation. A room with windows is well suited for this purpose; if there are no windows, at least sufficiently efficient ventilation systems must be installed. In rented apartments, the installation of a sauna must always be agreed with the landlord.

Every sauna should have a waterproof floor that is easy to clean and, if possible, also has a floor drain.

If you have a sufficiently large plot of land, you can also install your sauna in a garden shed, provided that it has a sufficiently large power connection. This brings us to the topic

Self-built sauna - technical requirements

This includes not only the power connection, which must be installed by an approved electrician especially for the sauna. Anyone who wants to build a sauna with a wood-fired or gas stove must also have a connection to a suitable flue gas ducting system. The district chimney sweep must give his consent to this after checking the suitability.

It is also recommended to have a water connection, at least with cold water. This is needed for the cooling shower, a cold immersion bath and of course for cleaning. A sauna without water connection is rather nonsensical. Even for the popular infusions, water is needed that one does not want to drag along.

Building a sauna yourself - The construction method

Another important basic decision is the design of the sauna. As proven possibilities here are the Solid wood saunaor the element sauna to choose from. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. The most natural form is the log sauna, which also allows for good insulation without much effort and only moderate heating of the wooden surfaces of the sweat room. On the other hand, an element sauna is easier to build, but requires more effort in the insulation and also has a stronger heating of the inner surfaces due to the special construction.

The right wood for your self-built sauna

Your own sauna can be built from various suitable woods. Nordic spruce, African abachi wood or the well-known wood of the Canadian hemlock fir come into question here. Depending on the construction method, the woods are processed in block planks or, in the case of Elementsauma, applied in thinner layers on an insulating substructure.

The sauna heater - The most important component of your sauna

The most important interior is the sauna oven. For the do-it-yourself sauna, this will usually be an electric heater. The output is determined by the type of sauna and the size of the interior. It is advisable to consult an experienced electric installer, who should ultimately also carry out the electrical connection of the heater, the ventilation and lighting systems and the appropriate control system. If you prefer a different type of sauna heater, further precautions are necessary, depending on the type of sauna heater. For example, a gas heater also requires a gas connection and appropriate air supply and exhaust gas discharge equipment.

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