Can I go to the sauna with a piercing?

Piercing is very popular as body jewellery and is worn by many people, men and women alike, in almost all age groups. The many variations range from nose piercings to intimate piercings. And the classic earring is also part of this type of body jewellery. But can you (or a woman) go to the sauna with a piercing?

When it comes to piercings in the sauna, it always depends on the material.

A basic answer to this question cannot be given. be given. There are too many variations and variables that depend on the piercing itself the piercing itself and the wearing habits. However, it is advisable to metal piercings before going into the sauna. This recommendation This recommendation is based in particular on the fact that metal piercings can become conductivity, metal piercings heat up very strongly in the sweat room and can can cause burns. This is especially true for freely movable piercings. The situation is somewhat different with metal piercings that fit very closely to the skin. metal piercings. These are more likely to absorb the body temperature than the of the sauna air. This is less of a concern.

On the other hand, wearing piercings in the sauna is completely uncomplicated. piercings in the sauna if they are made of plastic. Synthetics heat up heat up less and therefore hardly lead to burns on the skin.

Moreover, the materials of most piercings are not sensitive to the sauna climate, so damage to the material itself is not to be expected.

Piercings in the sauna - the aesthetic aspect

What some find visually absolutely hip and beautiful, is a horror to others. This is always true of body jewellery. While tattoos there is hardly any choice, it is perfectly possible to have piercings it is quite possible to remove them before going to the sauna. This should be done especially public sauna, so as not to cause unnecessary or even embarrassing embarrassing conversation. After all, piercing is still a After all, piercing is still a matter of taste and you could argue about it, but you don't have to.

What you do in your private sauna is up to you. up to you. However, especially with freely movable piercings made of metal metal piercings, they can cause painful burns.

What about fresh piercings in the sauna?

Fresh piercings are particularly visible at the the skin, fresh piercings can be very sensitive in the first few days to but also to large differences in temperature. Also the salt from the skin can also lead to sensitive reactions. Possible fester even more in a hot and humid climate and delay the healing process. healing process.

Basically, it can be assumed that a piercing takes about five days per millimetre deep for a piercing to heal completely. Since it is quite possible that it will take several weeks to heal. several weeks.

We recommend that you only go to the sauna with a fresh piercing until the healing process has completely subsided. Then you risk of having to deal with painful inflammation or over-irritation of the irritation of the puncture sites.

A brief summary:

  • In principle, there are no obligatory regulation on piercings in the sauna.
  • Depending on the material and model, you can wear them without hesitation, or not.
  • With fresh piercings, you should refrain from any kind of of a sauna until the healing process is complete. process has been completed.
  • It is advisable to remove piercings before a sauna. before going to the sauna. This will save you from discussions or embarrassing looks. embarrassing looks, even though this may always be in the eye of the beholder.
  • Freely movable metal piercings should always be always take them off to avoid burning the skin.
  • Observe the basic hygienic rules when when wearing piercings in the sauna. You should pay particular attention to good disinfection of the materials. disinfection of the materials.
  • Do not visit the sauna if the piercing points are piercing sites are affected by healing problems, pus or inflammatory processes. inflammatory processes.

It is also a good idea to observe the reactions of other sauna visitors to the piercings. to the piercings and act accordingly. This way you can be sure that your body jewellery will not be a nuisance and that your sauna session will not degenerate into a gauntlet.

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