Finnish sauna - features and characteristics

In Finland, the land of a thousand lakes and vast forests, the sauna is much more than just a wellness trend. Here it is a deeply rooted part of culture and daily life. It is no wonder that on average every household in Finland has at least one sauna. But the Finnish sauna is also gaining more and more followers outside Finland. This guide is dedicated to the fascinating features and characteristics of the Finnish sauna that make it a unique experience.

The importance of the Finnish sauna

In Finland, the sauna is not only considered a place for relaxation and recreation, but also a place for social activities and business meetings. For many Finns, taking a sauna at the end of a busy day is an indispensable part of their lifestyle and contributes significantly to achieving a sense of well-being.

The design of the Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna, which has the significant name "room made of wood", is traditionally furnished in log cabins in Finland. These cabins are often made of the wood of spruce or fir trees, which gives the sauna room a rustic and natural atmosphere. Kits are now available in many countries that can be used to build saunas both indoors and as stand-alone sauna huts in the garden.

The nature of the sauna

A distinctive feature of the Finnish sauna is the traditional practice of sauna bathing in the nude and separated by gender. While in other countries towels are often wrapped around the body, Finns sauna without this covering. This may seem unusual at first, but it has the advantage that sweat can flow freely and thus an effective sweating effect is achieved.

The temperature and humidity

The Finnish sauna is usually heated to an impressive 80 to 90 degrees Celsius. The humidity in a Finnish sauna, on the other hand, remains low and amounts to a maximum of about 30 percent. This clearly distinguishes the Finnish sauna from the steam sauna, where the humidity reaches almost 100 percent. The low humidity makes the Finnish sauna a less stressful option for the circulation.

Special features of the Finnish sauna

Now let's look at the unique features of the Finnish sauna that set it apart from other sauna types and make it a highly recommended choice for wellness and relaxation.

Positive influence on the circulation

The Finnish sauna is gentler on the circulation than other types of sauna. Here, the body can produce sweat and release heat unhindered. In comparison, the body cannot produce sweat efficiently in a steam bath due to the high humidity. Wearing towels in the Finnish sauna should be avoided as it can lead to uncomfortable heat build-up and circulation problems.

Health benefits of the Finnish sauna

Visiting a Finnish sauna can have a positive effect on your health. During sauna sessions, the body's own cortisol is produced in the adrenal cortex, which has a beneficial effect on inflammation and reduces stress. The Finnish sauna can even have a soothing effect on skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis. The intensive sweating in the Finnish sauna stimulates the formation of new skin cells, increases the body's defences and eliminates waste products more efficiently.

Choosing the Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is not only convincing because of its pleasant warmth, but also because of its positive effects on the body. In contrast to steam baths, harmful substances can be removed from the body more effectively in the Finnish sauna. No wonder, then, that the Finnish sauna is the preferred choice for sauna-goers all over the world. Its unique benefits and deep roots in Finnish culture make it a wellness oasis for body and mind.

Overall, the Finnish sauna is undoubtedly one of the best ways to sweat without having to exert yourself physically, and it offers a wealth of benefits for health and general well-being.

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