Sauna in the garden - What you need for the sauna in the garden

Sauna in the garden? Your own sauna house - a place to unwind and relax from the stress of everyday life. But if you want to build your own sauna house in the garden, there are a few things you need to know and consider. Here we explain what is important.

The first step to a sauna in the garden: planning permission

The required building permit depends on which federal state you live in and how big the house is to be. Up to 50 m³ of enclosed space does not need to be approved in many federal states - to be on the safe side, you should check with the building authority. Also consider the distance to the neighbouring property. Depending on the height of the building, a distance of at least three metres is usually required.

If the sauna is to be heated as a classic variant with wood and a wood-burning sauna stove, this is considered a special fireplace and must be approved accordingly. The district chimney sweep will be able to advise you.

Build it yourself or buy it ready-made?

If you don't have a clue about planning and building, it's better to leave the construction of the sauna house in experienced hands. A kit is the better solution in this case, because not every step is unproblematic. With a kit, you receive all the necessary materials and elements and only have to assemble them according to the Lego model. If necessary, the assembly service can also help.

If you want to build it yourself, you have to decide on a suitable wood. Finnish polar spruce and Canadian hemlock are ideal for building a sauna because the wood is stable, durable and contributes to a good climate in the sauna. For the interior, abachi wood is suitable because it stores little heat itself - ideal for seat boards.

Important: The planks must be at least four centimetres thick so that the heat in the sauna can be stored sufficiently.

Where is the best place to put the sauna in the garden?

You need a firm foundation for your garden sauna, regardless of whether you use a kit or build it yourself. The ground should be as level as possible. You can pour the foundation itself from concrete, which is comparatively easy. When choosing a location, however, don't forget that you will need to set up a shower or a hot tub to cool off after sweating. You can pave the path to it with natural stone slabs, for example. Choose a sheltered spot or work with privacy walls so that the neighbours don't get a taste of your fun too. You will also need water and electricity pipes, which should be laid underground (or have them laid).

Heating and flooring for the sauna in the garden

The wood-burning sauna stove has been used rather rarely in the garden in recent times; electric sauna stoves are mostly used. These require a power line, which you are not allowed to lay yourself. In this case, an electrician must be commissioned. If you opt for the classic version of the wood sauna, you will still find such offers on the market, but then the chimney sweep must be consulted.

Now the question arises as to which floor covering is to be used. Floor mats and special grates are commercially available and can be laid without further specialist knowledge. Natural materials such as sisal are suitable for the anteroom of the sauna - although you should make sure that the floor covering is impregnated. Otherwise, unsightly stains will quickly appear.

Summary: Your own sauna in the garden - a place of relaxation

The idea of having your own sauna in the garden is tempting, but there are many important factors to consider, from planning permission to the choice of heating and flooring. However, with the right planning and careful preparation, you can create your own little paradise of relaxation where you can escape the stress of everyday life and enjoy pure relaxation.

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