Sauna rules of conduct

The ultimate sauna experience: instructions and rules of conduct

Taking a sauna is not only an experience, but also an art that harmonises body and soul. In order to get the most out of your sauna experience, there are some important rules of conduct to follow. In this detailed guide, we would like to introduce you to the secrets of a perfect sauna session.

1. individual sauna: Every body is unique

Quality instead of quantity

A sauna session is as individual as the person himself. While some can enjoy the heat for longer, others prefer shorter sessions. Especially for sauna novices, it is important to be cautious and approach the experience step by step, so always listen to your body's signs. As you gain experience, you can increase your tolerance and stamina.

2. time planning: sauna as an experience and not as a duty

An oasis of relaxation

A sauna visit should never be under time pressure. Therefore, reserve at least two hours for this wellness moment. This will allow you to engage in warming up the sauna, resting, sauna sessions and showering without stress.

3. the role of nutrition: a balanced approach

Harmony of hunger and satiety

Since the sauna stresses your organism due to the temperature fluctuations, it should not be additionally burdened with heavy digestive work. A light meal a few hours before you go to the sauna is ideal so that you do not go to the sauna with either a full or an empty stomach.

4 Preparation and hygiene: the foundation of a sauna visit

Cleanliness is the key to well-being

A thorough shower before taking a sauna not only ensures cleanliness, but also even perspiration. Dry yourself well afterwards, as sweat cannot evaporate as easily on wet skin. In addition, a warm foot bath prepares the body optimally for the heat ahead.

5. positioning and duration: the art of the right place

The ideal place for optimal enjoyment

During the sauna, a towel should always be placed underneath. Beginners should keep their stay short and effective. The choice between the upper and middle bench depends on the desired intensity. Start with short periods of time and adjust them according to how comfortable you feel.

6. refreshment and break: in harmony with nature

A moment of reflection

After the intense heat of the sauna, it is important to give your body a refreshment. However, before you reach for a cold shower, spend a few moments in the fresh air and take a deep breath.

7. aftercare: completing the experience

Back to balance

To bring the body back into balance after a sauna session, another warm footbath is recommended. Cold water treatments also strengthen the blood vessels and promote the body's resistance. Allow yourself to rest again afterwards to complete the recovery.

8. additional tips: Perfect your sauna experience

Little things that make a difference

While in the sauna, avoid drinks so as not to hinder the body's detoxification process. And if you want to use the solarium, it is best to do so before taking a sauna, as sweating makes the skin more sensitive.

Final recommendations

The holistic sauna experience

Three sauna sessions are optimal for most people. After the sauna, you should avoid intensive activities. Instead, a relaxing massage or a quiet moment on a sauna relaxation lounger can perfect your recovery.

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