Sauna Rules of conduct

Sauna bathing only promotes health if important rules are observed. In any case, it has a soothing effect on many complaints, but for some diseases it has a rather negative effect. The doctor's advice provides security. Furthermore, a few hints guarantee responsible handling.

Our valuable sauna rules of conduct for you:

#1 Sauna rules of conduct - Less is more when taking a sauna

When taking a sauna bath, personal well-being is given the highest priority. Beginners should not overestimate themselves. There are no fixed rules for the duration. One person can take more, the other less. As you get used to the sauna, your stamina increases.

  • No fixed rules
  • With the habituation also the staying power increases
  • Listen to your body!

#2 Sauna rules of conduct - Plan enough time

Sauna bathing has an equally positive effect on body and soul. Stress reverses the desired effect into its opposite. Sufficient time is therefore absolutely necessary. Two hours are usually sufficient. After all, the sauna has to warm up first. With a break, sauna sessions and showering you are at about two hours in total.

  • Two hours is the absolute maximum

#3 Sauna Rules of Conduct - I am hungry?

The constant changes in temperature put a strain on the organism. It is therefore not good if the body is additionally occupied with digestion. Neither a full nor an empty stomach is recommended.

  • Neither full nor empty stomach

#4 Sauna rules of conduct - The important shower

For the sake of hygiene, a shower beforehand is indispensable. Afterwards you have to dry yourself thoroughly. Wet skin does not sweat as quickly. In addition, a warm footbath promotes the blood circulation.

  • Previous shower is absolutely necessary (clean sauna, do not fill pores with bacteria)
  • A warm footbath promotes the blood circulation

#5 Sauna rules of conduct - short and intensive

A sauna towel is placed under the body. The short stay should be as intensive as possible. The right choice is the upper or middle bench. Fifteen minutes are quite sufficient for the beginning. The personal feeling is decisive. About two minutes before leaving, an upright posture gets the circulation going.

  • Upper and middle bench implement intensive heat effect (top is warmer)
  • Fifteen minutes at the beginning completely sufficient

#6 Sauna rules of conduct - A short break

After leaving the cold shower or plunge pool should not be visited immediately. The short cooling down in the fresh air supplies the body with sufficient oxygen.

  • A short cool down is enough in the resting period (do not take a shower)

#7 Sauna rules of conduct - The temperature balance

Afterwards a warm footbath ensures complete temperature equalisation. A further cold water application trains the blood vessels and thus increases the body's resistance. This should be followed by another rest period. Freshly recovered, you are nearing the end.

  • Cold water application trains the blood vessels

#8 Sauna rules of conduct - Disruptive factors

You should not drink while in the sauna. Otherwise the detoxifying effect is impaired. It is better to visit the solarium before than after. The use of water reduces the horny layer, which increases the sensitivity to light. Especially for fair-skinned people the risk of burns is much higher.

  • Do not drink during the sauna
  • Solarium rather before

Further sauna rules - Do not exaggerate and then

A maximum of three sauna sessions is usually sufficient. The positive effect on health has been fully exploited. An increase is no longer possible. As a rule, even two sauna sessions are very stressful for beginners. Do not overload your body under any circumstances!

  • maximum three sauna sessions

The aim of a visit to the sauna is mental relaxation and physical rest. In order not to impair the positive effects, it is better not to do any sports afterwards. A massage afterwards increases the personal well-being even more.

  • avoid sports afterward
  • Massage increases the beneficial effect even more
  • Find a place in the sauna to rest

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