Sauna tips - What is important when taking a sauna

For many people, a visit to the sauna is the greatest pleasure after a long day at work. Nowhere else can you switch off from everyday stress as well as in the warmth of the sauna cabin. However, every sauna-goer naturally feels relaxation and recuperation differently. Only those who take the sauna properly and listen to their own body feeling can enjoy the full effect of a healthy sauna.

To get the most out of a sauna session, there are a few tricks that regular sauna-goers use frequently.

Sports and sauna complement each other well

Going to the sauna after sports is a very popular method of preventing sore muscles. However, athletes should bear in mind that they should take a rest after sport. You should not go to the sauna until at least 15 minutes after finishing your sports activities. Likewise, when you come out of the sauna, you should always spend some time in a calm and relaxed state and not immediately continue with sporting ambitions. The best way to combine sport and sauna is to let a little time pass between the two components. Maybe you take a little snack after the sauna, then it will go much better in sports, because the necessary energy is replenished.

Time is naturally an important factor when taking a sauna

Not only in connection with sports activities should time intervals be observed. Taking a sauna is by nature a process that cannot tolerate time pressure. After all, sauna-goers should relax and free themselves from everyday problems. If you go into the sauna cabin without the necessary peace and quiet, where should the relaxation come from. Therefore you should plan at least 2 hours for an extensive sauna bath. Sauning lasts. Only if you allow yourself enough time for it, the body can use the healthy effect and the sauna-goer can enjoy the well-being to the fullest.

Time limits have their meaning

Time again. However, it is now important not to extend the individual sauna sessions endlessly. Each sweat session should be kept for eight to fifteen minutes to achieve a healthy effect. If you go to the sauna regularly, you can complete 3 sauna sessions well. Beginners are often satisfied with a single sauna session. The trick to taking a sauna is to learn to concentrate on your own body and above all to listen to it. As long as the sauna user feels comfortable, everything is fine. However, if you feel uncomfortable, it is better to stop taking the sauna.

And another time factor - the drinking

In the sauna you sweat. Accordingly, the body naturally loses fluid. What could be more natural than refilling it after the sauna? However, you should wait a few minutes before doing so, so that the excretion of harmful substances and thus the cleansing of the body is not restricted again. About 15 minutes after finishing the sauna, however, the sauna friend should calmly strike hard and drink as much as possible. However, please do not drink the beer after work, but non-alcoholic drinks such as mineral water or fruit juices.

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