10 hot tips against boredom in the sauna

Taking a sauna is healthy and promotes well-being. So far, so good. But what happens if, after the first few mostly exciting sauna visits, something like routine and boredom cloud the pleasure in the sauna? We have compiled the best tips against boredom in the sauna for you. In tips 1 to 5 we focus on the private sauna, tips 6 to 10 can also be implemented well in the public sauna.

Tip 1: Create variety in the infusions

The advantage of having your own sauna is that the owner decides what happens. This also applies to sauna infusions. It helps to avoid boredom in the sauna if you try out different infusions during the individual sauna sessions. This creates new experiences and you may even discover a new favourite scent.

Tip 2: Music provides relaxation and variety

A modern sauna can also be equipped with suitable sound systems. This way you can listen to your favourite music in the sauna whenever you want. in the sauna whenever you want, or perhaps even be enthralled by an audio book. book. Time will then fly by.

Tip 3: Light therapy

There are lighting systems both for the sauna cabin itself and for the rest areas that you can use incidentally for light therapy. This gives you an influence on moods, which can be individually influenced with the right light colour.

Tip 4: Invite friends

Being alone in the sauna is always kind of boring. boring. Why not invite friends and acquaintances to enjoy the sauna together? This creates potential for entertainment all by itself. And often you get to know your acquaintances from a completely new perspective.

Tip 5: Individual furnishings

Having your own sauna also allows you to personalise furnishing. You can use this opportunity to turn a rather functional sauna area functional sauna area into an individual oasis of well-being.

If you can't use your own sauna, visit the public saunas in the area. saunas in the area. We have tips for this too. To relieve boredom boredom.

Tip 6: No two saunas are alike

No two public saunas are the same. Visit different different providers and discover the various facilities and facilities and options. A good recommendation are sauna landscapes, where different saunas and varied relaxation areas provide a provide amusement.

Tip 7: Read a good book

Have you always wanted to read a good book? The You can't do that in the sweat room, but you can do it on the relaxation lounger. This way time passes quickly and you can finally read what you have always wanted to read. you have always wanted to read. Our recommendation: short stories.

Tip 8: Secret guessing games

In public saunas there are many visitors who are always are different again and again. Shorten the time by playing little guessing games all to yourself. all to yourself. Who has which profession, who is married, who drives which car? drives which car? If you listen to the conversations of the other sauna visitors, you can find out a lot about them.

Tip 9: Change your perspective

Switching between the different zones in the sweat room is standard for many sauna-goers and also creates a good bit of a good bit of variety. This also helps you to find out in which zone you feel most comfortable. feel most comfortable. This can even vary from sweat room to sweat room. from sweat room to sweat room. You also change your own perspective this way.

Tip 10: Make plans

Use the time in the sauna to make plans. The the next shopping trip, ideas for the coming weekend with your family or even planning your or even your holiday plans can be made in the sauna, as the atmosphere is usually the sauna is usually a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

And if you want more ideas and tried and tested practices against boredom in the sauna, you are welcome to send them to us. send them to us.

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