Can you lose weight in the sauna?

For many interested sauna users, the question of whether it is possible to lose weight in the sauna is exciting. The basic rule is: If you want to lose weight, you should supply the body with less energy during the diet than it uses. In addition to limited food intake, a lot of active exercise is a proven way to lose weight.

Regular sauna sessions can also help you lose weight. Due to the special conditions in the sauna, the circulation and thus also the fat metabolism is stimulated, excess water is drained off and ultimately a certain slimming effect is achieved. This is additionally supported by the generally known health effects of regular sauna visits.

However, the sauna alone is not the miracle cure for a few kilos on the scales. It is particularly advisable to avoid so-called zero diets in combination with sauna sessions. Too little food intake weakens the body, which also affects the tolerance of the high temperatures and the higher humidity in the sauna.

To lose weight, we recommend a sensible diet combined with plenty of exercise and a sauna session or two. This combination has proven to be very sensible and helpful for losing weight. However, the sauna cannot compensate for too much food intake. The sauna is therefore to be seen primarily as a supporting and accompanying measure to lose weight. Here, however, it has excellent effects, which are mainly due to the stimulation of the circulation and the immune system.

Anyone who wants to use the regular sauna as a supporting measure to lose weight should find out beforehand whether being overweight may have other disease-related aspects besides diet. Your family doctor will also be happy to inform you about this and how you can use the sauna to lose weight.

Bottom line:

In conclusion it can be said: Losing weight and sauna go together quite well, although the sauna alone cannot replace poor nutrition and lack of exercise. In many cases, however, regular sauna visits during planned dietary phases are a good supplement to a more conscious diet, active exercise and an overall healthier lifestyle.

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