Dispose of sauna materials correctly

How to dispose of sauna heaters, sauna stones and other materials correctly

If the electric sauna heater has served you faithfully for years, the stones have passed their prime or an extensive sauna renovation is imminent, you will inevitably be confronted with the question: How do I dispose of sauna materials in the right way?

Focus on sustainability

For every sauna lover, the preservation of our natural environment should be of central importance. This awareness has not only spread among sauna owners, but also among the manufacturers of sauna accessories. They are increasingly focussing on sustainable production and leaving a minimal ecological footprint. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the recycling and disposal of sauna materials. Each of us can contribute to a better environment with small measures. We will show you how.

The correct disposal of sauna stones

The regular replacement of sauna stones not only ensures the function of the sauna heater, but also guarantees the efficiency of every sauna session. Worn stones can contaminate the heater and impair energy efficiency.

So what to do with the worn stones? Thanks to their natural composition, disposing of them is quite simple. There are numerous options for homeowners in their own gardens - for example, for edging flower beds or reinforcing embankments. Small piles of stones can even serve as a refuge for insects. The stones can be used as a base for unpaved paths. If this is not an option, smaller quantities can be disposed of with residual waste or handed in as building rubble at a recycling centre. If you are unsure, a brief consultation with your local waste disposal company will help.

The old sauna heater - how is it disposed of?

The disposal of a sauna heater can vary depending on the model. In the case of a heater with a wood-burning stove, you should separate the different materials - metals and glass. These can then be recycled according to their material. Disposing of an electric sauna heater is less complicated: it can simply be taken to a collection point for electrical appliances.

Disposal of other sauna materials

A comprehensive sauna renovation usually also means removing various building materials. Whether tiles, wood panelling, doors or insulating materials, a well-organised separation facilitates subsequent recycling. Local recycling centres are also valuable contacts here.

A second chance for sauna materials

Before you throw materials away, consider whether they can be reused. Well-preserved sauna doors or other equipment could find new owners on the second-hand market or at swap meets. So what is rubbish for one person can be a valuable treasure for another.

Ultimately, it's about using resources consciously and responsibly and preserving our planet for future generations. Every step counts!

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