How many sauna sessions should you take?

Sauna sessions: the key to an optimal sauna experience

For many people, the sauna is a place of renewal and relaxation. This unique experience, which oscillates between intense heat and revitalising cold, offers numerous health benefits. But how often should you visit the sauna to make the most of these benefits and maximise your wellbeing? Dive deeper into the world of saunas with us and find out how you can optimise your sauna experience.

The magic of a weekly sauna visit

It's no secret that many sauna lovers visit the sauna on a weekly basis. This is not only a matter of tradition, but also scientifically based. Studies have shown that the positive effects of the sauna on the blood vessels can last up to a week. A weekly visit to the sauna can therefore help to strengthen the immune system, prevent colds and alleviate the stress of everyday life.

The weekly ritual: number and duration of sauna sessions

A weekly visit to the sauna may already be a fixed ritual for many, but how many sauna sessions should be carried out during this one visit? Experts recommend two to three sauna sessions per visit. You should spend at least 8 minutes each time, ideally on the centre bench. A shorter sauna session may not be enough to effectively dilate the blood vessels and fully utilise the benefits of the subsequent cold stimulus.

Beyond wellbeing: for those who want more

While many are satisfied with a weekly sauna session, other sauna-goers don't feel completely fulfilled. Some athletes believe that going to the sauna twice a week increases their performance. Other sauna enthusiasts even indulge in daily sauna sessions. It is important to emphasise that although these frequent visits are not harmful, they are not necessarily more effective in terms of health benefits. A weekly sauna visit with three sauna sessions may already be sufficient.

The cold months: saunas in winter

During the winter, when temperatures drop, the sauna becomes a particularly popular refuge. The contrast between the cold outside world and the warm, humid air inside the sauna makes the experience even more intense and enticing.

Taking a sauna when ill: caution is advised

It is essential to exercise caution if you are ill. While a mild cold can be alleviated by a visit to the sauna, other illnesses can be aggravated by the intense heat. In the event of illness or after surgery, it is essential to consult a doctor before entering the sauna.

Final thoughts

How often you should go to the sauna depends on your personal preferences, your physical condition and the external circumstances. Whether you sauna once a week or prefer to sweat daily, the most important thing is to listen to your body and enjoy the sauna experience. Always remember to cool down and hydrate yourself sufficiently after each sauna session. Good sweating!

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