How to clean your home sauna

Every enjoyment also involves some work. So does a home sauna, which needs a good amount of care to always be hygienically clean and pleasant for the users.

In general, a higher level of attention is required for cleaning the home sauna. Then you will enjoy an always clean sauna for a long time, in which sweating and relaxing is really fun.

Moist heat makes fungi and germs fun

The warm and humid climate in the sauna is a great breeding ground for fungi and germs. In order to limit the unrestrained thriving of these unwelcome sauna guests from the very beginning, the door to the sweat cabin should always remain open when not in use. This ensures good ventilation and removes germs and mould from the breeding ground. In addition, it is advisable to clean the wooden benches, the sauna oven and the floor after each use.

Sauna cleaning from top to bottom

Always clean the sauna only when it has cooled down. When cleaning the sauna, work from top to bottom just like in the rest of the household. First wipe the sauna benches with a slightly damp cloth. It is recommended to add suitable disinfectant cleaning agents, if possible without chlorine. You can obtain special sauna cleaners for this purpose from specialist retailers.

After the wooden benches, the electric sauna heater is next. Lime stains or discolouration caused by sauna additives are common here. You can usually simply wipe both with a microfibre cloth. For heavier soiling, we recommend adding vinegar or citric acid to the cleaning water.

You can wipe the floor with clear water and a lint-free floor cloth. Commercially available floor cleaner can also be used from time to time. Always wipe the floor well dry at the end of the cleaning process and leave the sauna door open after cleaning.

Control is good

Due to the special conditions in the sauna, smaller screws on the stove may loosen under certain circumstances. Unsightly discoloration of the wood or brittle surfaces can also occur. Therefore, check the sauna every time you clean it after such minor damage. Loose screws can easily be tightened again, brittle surfaces and discolouration in the wood can often be removed without much effort by using fine sandpaper. From time to time you should treat the hinges on the sauna door with a resin-free graphite oil.

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