Put the sauna back into operation

Introduction: The background to a sauna break

Sometimes a sauna finds itself in a state of silence. These pauses can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, a particularly hot summer may mean that the extra heat of a sauna is rather off-putting. But it is also possible that extensive renovations in the house or recreational area interrupt regular sauna use. There are also situations where people move into a new home and find a pre-assembled sauna that they have never used before. Whatever the reason, resuming sauna use is often an exciting proposition.

Main concern: be careful with prolonged downtime

A key element that should always be kept in mind is the fact that a sauna that has not been in use for an extended period of time requires special attention and care. This is especially true if the sauna has been unused for several years or if it is an older model. The danger is that potential defects or damage, which can be both structural and pose health risks, could be overlooked. There is also a risk of compromising the entire building.

For the short-term break: steps to revitalise your sauna

If your sauna has only been dormant for a few months:

  1. Intensive cleaning: Before you even consider enjoying the cosy warmth of the sauna again, it must be spotlessly clean. The focus here should be especially on the main area where sweating takes place. The electric sauna heater is equally important. It should be disconnected from the power supply and cleaned thoroughly. Don't forget the area underneath.
  2. Renew the sauna stones: Use this break as the perfect opportunity to renew the sauna stones and clean the relevant area inside the sauna heater.
  3. Test run: Let the sauna start up once without using it. Pay close attention to the behaviour of the heater and that all switching and control elements function as intended.

In case of prolonged inactivity: Recommended measures and precautions

If the sauna has been left idle for years:

  1. Deep cleaning: Careful and deep cleaning is essential.
  2. Call in an electrician: Old saunas or saunas that have been unused for a long time may pose electrical risks. An experienced electrician should check all connections, the oven and safety systems. If repairs are needed, he can make recommendations.

Attention to the details

It's not just the big things that count:

  1. Wood inspection: Wood tends to warp or expand over time. Check for warping, protruding screws or sharp splinters. It might also be a good idea to clean and treat the wood.
  2. Ventilation: Proper ventilation of the sauna is crucial for an optimal experience. Make sure that the ventilation shafts are open and not blocked.


Once you have taken all these steps to heart, nothing should stand in the way of your sauna. During the first few uses, you should still keep a watchful eye and look out for any irregularities. With the appropriate commitment and care, your sauna will remain a place of relaxation and health.

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