Put the sauna back into operation

After a long, hot summer, after prolonged renovation work in the house or after the purchase of residential property, many owners of a sauna are faced with the fact that they want to put an existing sauna back into operation. As a rule, there should be hardly any problems, but the following applies: The longer a sauna has been out of operation, the more cautious one has to be when putting it back into operation. This is especially true for saunas that are getting on in years or have not been used for more than a year. In this case, special care is required in order to exclude possible damage to the sauna itself, to one's own health or to the building as much as possible.

The simple variant if the sauna was out of use for a short period of time

If a sauna has only been out of use for a few months, restarting it should not cause any major problems. We recommend that the entire premises, including the sweat room itself, first undergo a thorough cleaning. Special attention should also be paid to the electric sauna heater . It should be cleaned thoroughly when it is switched off. This also includes removing dust from the area under the sauna heater and, ideally, cleaning it with a damp cloth. It is also advisable to completely replace the sauna stones and thoroughly clean the sauna stone container at the same time.

After this certainly time-consuming but worthwhile action, the sauna should first be heated up without being used. Observe the behaviour of the sauna heater itself, but also whether the control and monitoring elements are working properly.

If the heater has been off for a long time

If a sauna has possibly not been operated for years, serious damage may have occurred to the power supply, the sauna heating rod and the control, regulation and monitoring devices. For such systems, it is recommended that they first undergo a basic cleaning and then call in an electrician to check the entire system.

The electrician checks all electrical cables, the the sauna heater itself, the safety devices and the control technology. control technology. If damage is detected, it must be decided whether a repair is worthwhile or whether a new repair is worthwhile or whether a new sauna heater or new switching and control control technology should be installed.

If the technology is in order, the rooms of the sauna can be can be thoroughly cleaned and then put back into operation.

Pay attention to the finer points

Although the technology in the sauna is certainly given the most attention, especially after a longer period of inactivity, other installed parts in the sauna should not go unnoticed. Check whether the wood has warped, whether screws are sticking out due to the natural shrinkage of the wood or whether there are splinters on the wooden components. In many cases, it is also worthwhile to completely clean and disinfect the wooden fixtures of the sauna after a longer period of inactivity.

Do not forget to check the ventilation of the sauna. ventilation. Are the ventilators still working? Are the corresponding exhaust and and supply air pipes clean and free of any blockages? If you cannot damage, there is nothing to stop you from using the sauna again. the sauna.

During the first sauna sessions after restarting the sauna conscientiously observe all changes that indicate possible damage or malfunctions and or malfunctions and have them remedied as quickly as possible.

In this way, you can continue to enjoy a healthy sauna in the future and do not take any unnecessary risks.

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