General information about the infrared sauna

Infrared heat cabins are the good and also inexpensive alternative to the sauna. Especially for people who do not like or do not tolerate the high temperatures and high humidity of the classical sauna, the infrared cabin can be a good substitute. In addition to the beneficial health and relaxing effect, the infrared heat cabin also convinces with its simple construction, manageable costs for technical equipment and, compared to the sauna, with considerably lower running costs.

Infrared sauna - soothing warmth on demand

In the infrared cabin, the air in the entire room is not heated. The warming effect is caused by the penetration of the infrared rays into the skin. Practically only those surfaces are heated here where the infrared heat rays hit. In a sense, you get the warmth you want, right on the spot. How great this warmth is depends on the type of infrared radiators and the distance to them.

Infrared heat cabins ensure well-being

Known types of infrared rays are IR-A, IR-B and IR-C. The IR-A rays can penetrate up to six millimetres into the skin and should therefore only be used under the supervision of a specialist in order to prevent deep skin burns and other organ damage. Only IR-B and IR-C infrared radiators are used for the wellness infrared cabins. Here, the penetration depth is up to two or less than one millimetre. These radiators are therefore harmless when used as intended.

When using infrared heat cabins, it depends on which radiators are used. Area radiators act on the entire irradiated area, point radiators centered on a small area. Always choose a comfortable distance.

Individual use

In general, an infrared heat cabin should always be used in a way that is individually comfortable. A walk should not last longer than 40 minutes. Choose your position so that the infrared rays can reach the skin unhindered and choose the distance according to your individual feeling of warmth. In this way you will feel comfortable in the infrared heat cabin and can achieve a plus in well-being and quality of life, especially on cold and rainy days.

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