General information about the infrared sauna

Detailed information about the infrared sauna

The infrared sauna, also known as an infrared heat cabin, is an innovative and cost-effective alternative to the traditional sauna. It is particularly suitable for people who have difficulty with the intense temperatures and high humidity of a traditional sauna. This may be due to personal preferences or health reasons. The infrared heat cabin not only offers health benefits and a relaxing atmosphere, but also scores with its uncomplicated construction, the low initial costs for the technical equipment and, in contrast to the conventional sauna, with significantly reduced running costs.

Principle of the infrared sauna

While the entire room air is heated in a conventional sauna, the infrared sauna works on a different principle. In the infrared heat cabin, heat is generated by the penetration of infrared rays into the skin. Thus, only the areas to which the infrared rays are directly directed are heated. Depending on the type of infrared radiator and the distance you keep from them, you can regulate the intensity of the heat individually and thus obtain exactly the level of warmth that is comfortable for you.

Types of infrared rays

There are different types of infrared rays used in these heat cabins, notably IR-A, IR-B and IR-C. The IR-A rays are particularly intense and can penetrate up to six millimetres into the skin. Therefore, they should only be used under the supervision of medical specialists to avoid potential skin burns or damage to internal organs. Most infrared cabins designed for wellness use only IR-B and IR-C emitters. The penetration depth of these rays is a maximum of two or less than one millimetre, which classifies them as safe when used properly.

Types of emitters in the booths

The type of radiators used in booths can vary. While area radiant heaters distribute an even heat over a large area, spot radiant heaters concentrate on smaller, specific areas. It is important to find the most comfortable distance from the radiators for you to achieve the best effect.

Individual use

Finally, everyone should use the infrared cabin according to their individual needs and preferences. A session should generally not last longer than 40 minutes. It is advisable to take up a position in which the infrared rays can directly hit the skin. The right position and the appropriate distance from the radiators ensure that you feel comfortable in the infrared heat cabin. Especially on cool and rainy days, this can contribute to an increase in general well-being and quality of life.

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