Sauna costs - What does a sauna cost in entertainment?

The price for the sauna is usually a little higher than the price for a visit to the swimming pool. For less than five euros, the entrance remains closed almost everywhere. Optimal comfort becomes really expensive. Regular visitors save with a season ticket. With regular guests the operator can also calculate. The operating costs and maintenance of a large facility are very expensive. For private use, the home sauna would be equally worthwhile in the long term. But how much are the real sauna costs?

Is the home sauna even an option?

If you are a lover of unusual variations, the home sauna is not for you. A Roman bath or other specialties are hardly to be realized on your own initiative. Sociability also plays a decisive role. The sworn round, similar to the regulars' table, will be cancelled in the future. There is simply not enough space available. Also regarding the comfort must be made in any case compromises. Nevertheless, the advantages are obvious. There are no opening hours and no long journeys. There is no need to pack your bag after a hard day's work. The cosy warmth is immediately available. The use can be arranged completely arbitrarily. Personal privacy is also certainly a decisive factor for many.

The initial cost of the home sauna should not be underestimated. The expenses vary greatly depending on the desired comfort. Those who prefer to build on their own initiative can save money. But the effort and time required is of course much higher.

The construction - sauna costs, if it is homemade

In own initiative the hobby craftsman gets fast to his limits. A prefabricated kit simplifies the essential work steps. Here all price ranges and sizes are represented, so that really everyone gets his money's worth. Nevertheless, the advice of an expert is necessary in any case. Only in this way can safe use be guaranteed. The installation is a little more expensive. But there are no unpleasant surprises later on. The installation takes at least one day.

Finished sauna cabins - manageable sauna costs

Qualitative sauna cabins start already from 1795,-€. From 3.316,00 € you can purchase so-called element saunas. This element sauna made of spruce wood has a large glass area and an interior of high-quality lime wood.

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