Sauna does not get warm properly

We have summarised for you the common causes of a sauna room that is too cold.

New sauna heater but not enough heat

The electric sauna heater is new, but the sauna doesn't get warm enough? Then the heater output may not have been calculated correctly. Depending on the size of the sauna cabin and the structural design, sauna heaters also differ in terms of output. For example, a sauna heater with an output of 9 kW is recommended for a sauna cabin in a house with a size of 7 - 12 cubic metres. If the heater has a lower output, it will not heat the cabin sufficiently or will take a long time with high electricity costs.

Defective sauna heater - sauna does not heat up properly

As a technical device, a sauna heater is not safe from defects or total failure due to age. If the sauna heater and the sauna control unit are fully functional, then every sauna heating element should glow during operation. If only one heating element fails, the function is significantly impaired. As these are wearing parts, it is necessary to replace them from time to time. An electrician can measure the heating rods to determine whether this is the cause of the fault. If the heater shows no signs of life, the fuses and the RCD should be checked first.

Control unit or temperature sensor defective

The function of a sauna heater depends on the correct functioning of the control unit and the temperature sensor connected to the control unit. An incorrectly set control unit can be just as responsible for a moderately warm sauna as the failure or malfunction of the temperature sensor. If, for example, the temperature sensor transmits incorrect values or no values at all to the sauna control unit, the heater may not work correctly either. A specialist, e.g. an electrician, can check these components and replace them if necessary

Dirty heater or old sauna stones

If the inside of the sauna heater is very dirty, it will also not be able to perform to its full potential. Deposits from sauna infusions, abrasion from the sauna stones and other soiling can significantly impair performance. Old or incorrectly stacked sauna stones are also sometimes the cause of poor heating performance. Clean the sauna heater, carefully remove deposits from the heating rods with the sauna heater switched off, replace old sauna stones and layer the new sauna stones correctly. You can then achieve significantly better heating behaviour.

Incorrect ventilation or faulty insulation

Another cause of a sauna not heating up properly can be structural or functional faults. If the ventilation brings more cold air into the cabin than necessary, it cannot heat up properly. Check that the sauna ventilation system is working properly and is correctly dimensioned. Please follow the stove manufacturer's instructions. Further information on this can be found in the relevant operating instructions. Faulty structural insulation also prevents the sauna from heating up properly.

You can find and rectify many of these faults yourself. However, an experienced specialist should always be commissioned for all electrical work.

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