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Going to the sauna is celebrated as a social event. In order to avoid inconveniences or even catastrophes, a few basic social rules should be observed. Sauna etiquette helps you to take these to heart, so that visiting the sauna together becomes a stimulating and pleasant experience for all those involved.

Sauna etiquette point 1: Do not forget to shower

It is a truism that everyone sweats a lot in the sauna, but this should be taken into account, because otherwise the smell will get into the other person's nose unpleasantly. Consequently, the sauna should only be entered with a good shower. This is especially true after a sauna session, when you go into the cooling pool. Who would like to swim in the sweat of the other person?

Sauna etiquette point 2: Using the towel correctly

Two towels are required for the sauna. One towel is used as a seat so that sweat cannot burn into the wood. The other towel is used to dry off so that the drops of sweat do not take up too much of the sauna room. When drying off, care should be taken not to splash your own sweat. Because nobody likes to get something like that off.

It is better to use two towels.

Sauna etiquette Point 3: Keep a distance

In the sauna the visitor relaxes and does not want to concentrate on anything else. Conversations should therefore be avoided, as well as getting too close to the other person. In this respect, it is absolutely no-go to spread out or even stretch out on the seats.

Sauna etiquette Point 4: Naturalness yes, voyeurism no

Next to the nude beach, the sauna is one of the few places where it is socially comfortable to show oneself naked to strangers. This should not be taken advantage of under any circumstances. As on the nudist beach, it is also important to behave as naturally as possible and under no circumstances to scrutinize the others intensively. This is perceived as unpleasant and intrusive and can cause feelings of shame as well as quarrelling.

Sauna etiquette point 5: No tenderness

Tenderness with a friend has no place in a public sauna. Because everyone wants to relax in the sauna and let the heat affect them. Distraction or even excitement disturb this concentration. The heat is the focus of attention and not the individual visitor.

Sauna Knigge point 6: Beware of garlic

Those who like to eat garlic should not do so the day before going to the sauna. Garlic is an extremely persistent fragrance that is still secreted through sweat one day after consumption. Due to its strong smell, garlic will make others feel uncomfortable. A warning should also be given before applying perfume.

Sauna etiquette point 7: Unpleasant encounters

In a public sauna anyone can quickly meet people they know, including the boss. In such a case you should not leave the sauna in a hurry, which would really cause embarrassing moments. Instead, a discreet welcoming gesture is recommended. It is best not to sit opposite the boss during the sauna session. This will distract your concentration both from the boss and from yourself.

Sauna etiquette point 8: No reservations

The reservation of loungers by towels also causes excitement in the sauna and impairs the common experience. Furthermore, the loungers in the sauna are available to everyone. To gain an advantage over others is perceived by the others as a bad game and is communicated accordingly. In public saunas, the staff may also be required to simply put the towel aside to counter this bad habit.

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