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A surprising rain shower while jogging, cold that creeps into your bones or the last descent on the ski slope. In some moments you can hardly wait to get into the cosy warmth of the in-house sauna and simply relax. But a completely cold sauna oven needs some time to heat up and reach operating temperature. With smart solutions, such as a WLAN remote control for your sauna, you can start your sauna heater easily and conveniently from on the road. In this way, your sauna awaits you already heated up to the desired temperature and nothing stands in the way of pleasant sweating. By using a sauna remote control, you always have your wellness program with you when you are on the move. In this blog post we have clearly summarized everything you need to know about sauna control, smart solutions and the Sentio Pronet we offer. We explain to you what is important for a sauna control unit, which techniques are available and how you can find the sauna control unit that suits your sauna. We hope you enjoy sweating.

What is the purpose of a sauna control unit?

Anyone who decides on a sauna quickly thinks about the design of the sauna cabin and suitable accessories for the perfect feel-good oasis. But it is not only the exterior that contributes to your ultimate relaxation experience, it is the inner values of your sauna that count: the sauna functions. Saunas without sauna control, as is the case with the original Finnish woodburning stoves, cannot be regulated digitally: Here the size and heat of the fire alone determines the temperature. An electronic sauna control unit is the control centre or the nervous system of your sauna. It is primarily responsible for regulating the temperature. Depending on the model and design, other functions may be added:

● Switching the sauna heater on and off

● Temperature control

● Setting of preheating time and automatic switch-off time

● Cabin lighting

● Coloured light

● Control of the fan

● Protection against overheating

● Regulation of the air humidity

● Error display

● Hourglass function

The more functions your control unit has and can control centrally, the more comfortable your sauna experience will be. In this way, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your sauna session by centrally controlling the sauna functions. Nowadays, modern and intelligent sauna control systems allow you to monitor, start and control the functions of your sauna from your PC or a mobile device, even outside the sauna. The sauna control unit not only ensures your comfort, but also contributes considerably to the safety of your sauna and its longevity by setting the appropriate functions. When purchasing a sauna control unit, you should make sure that the control unit and the sauna heater go together. In the best case, they come from the same manufacturer, so they can work together perfectly and efficiently.

Advantages of an intelligent sauna control system

After a strenuous day, going into the already preheated sauna and relaxing - what could be better? With a sauna remote control, all functions of your home sauna can be controlled while on the move. This way you can also satisfy the spontaneous urge for a soothing relaxation session in your sauna and get the sauna heater going on the way home. In addition to the temperature, ventilation, lighting and humidity can be individually adjusted to your personal needs. A sauna remote control gives you an enormous time advantage and thus the possibility to react spontaneously to your need for relaxation. Instead of first having to heat up the sauna when you spontaneously feel like going to the sauna or are stressed out from work, you can immerse yourself directly in your own sauna pleasure at home. In addition, a sauna remote control also contributes to increasing safety and extending the life of your sauna: The sauna control unit ensures continuous temperature control. This prevents overheating and can also immediately send any error messages to your mobile device. For example, a mobile remote control of the sauna can increase the feeling of safety during automatic preheating.

How does the sauna control via app work?

A sauna control unit can be used to regulate temperature, humidity, light and other parameters as described above. But with the integration of a smart remote control for your sauna, the whole thing can be started comfortably from the sofa, on the way home or on the way. With a WLAN sauna control unit you can switch your sauna on or off via app, preset a time, check and change current values or regulate the humidity. And all this before you have even set foot through the door of your home. All this is done wirelessly by transmitting the sauna data via the Internet. This data can then be called up on the move via mobile services such as a corresponding app or in the home network.

Sentio Pro Net from Harvia

The Pronet module for remote control of your sauna is designed as a web server. It sends the sauna data to the Internet or to a local network such as your WLAN. This enables sauna control on the road and via all internet-compatible end devices in the in-house WLAN such as PC, smartphone or tablet. If you connect the Sentio by Harvia Pronet to your home network, you can enjoy all the benefits of remote control in no time at all. With this innovative device, all the devices in your sauna can be controlled from any location by data transmission via the Internet. All sauna functions can be accessed and changed via PC, smarphone or tablet. The operation and regulation of all existing sauna functions is then carried out via a web application, which you can call up in the web browser of your smartphone, for example. You can network up to two sauna controls with the Sentio Pronet.

Please note that only the following Seniotec sauna controls are compatible:

● Pro B2

● Pro B3

● Pro C2

● Pro C3

The web app allows you to control the sauna from almost anywhere. With its innovative technology, all functions of your sauna can be started, controlled and stopped via your home network (LAN) or the Internet. All functions of the Pronet by Sentio by Harvia at a glance: If you choose to control your sauna remotely using the Sentio by Harvia Pronet module, you control all your sauna functions from a centralised control unit in the WIFI application. Depending on the existing functions of your sauna control unit, you will enjoy the following advantages:

● Particularly simple and intuitive control of all functions via the browser app of the mobile device or the PC

● Controlling the temperature in the sauna cabin: Select your feel-good temperature

● Controlling the lighting and ventilation of your sauna

● Control of the infrared radiators (for Pro C2 and Pro C3)

● Humidity control (for Pro B3 and Pro C3)

● Safe use

Security alert:

NEVER place flammable objects on your sauna heater. If there is combustible material on your heater, it may ignite and cause a fire due to the high temperatures that occur in a sauna. Therefore, make sure that there are no objects on the sauna heater at any time, otherwise there is a risk of fire when the sauna control unit is switched on. Further information on the proper operation and installation of your Seniotec Pronet Webserver can be found in the user manual, which we provide for download free of charge.

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